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The London live music scene has been experiencing a real revival of classic hip hop recently and, regardless of any cynical reasons for why this is, it’s led to some pretty heavy shows in the capital. This weekend North London was graced with the presence and incredible beats of the one and only EPMD.

Spin Doctor of Doctor’s Orders did a grand job of hyping up the crowd of hard-core fans, and when the guys finally stormed the stage with ‘It’s Your Thing’ a sea of sailor hats literally went wild. The guys played all the early classics, and really knew how to work the crowd. DJ Scratch was so impressive behind the decks – during his beat-juggling solo he played Black Sheep’s hit ‘The Choice is Yours (Revisited)’ and actually lifted up the turntable as the lines ‘Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!’ blasted out. After the show we got down to business and had a little chat with Erick and Parrish about what they’re up to at the moment, and some deserved London-flattery… Represent!

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So firstly – you guys seemed to have a lot of love onstage for London tonight, how did you find the crowd?

Parrish: Aww man, the crowd was really – wow. It was just like a real concert, real hip hop, a real good energy – the London crowd is like the crowd that we’re missing, like that’s the crowd that we used to have in the Golden Era. So, you know, to come here to do our first show – there’s not a better place to start the tour – we start our tour right here.

Erick: I like the way that London is a very hip hop place, they preserve the culture very heavily. And to see y’all young people out there, like as far as any of y’all that didn’t know us – somebody either told y’all and you went home and did your research and came to the show. And that’s why London was always special too – they would find out who you are, learn you, and just say ‘you know what – I’ll fuck with that’ – know what I’m saying? London does that and the result is the DJs and the culture in terms of stuff y’all preserved out here. ‘Cos my DJ, he buys all his records from out here, as you can get certain records to go sample with.

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Are you fans of the U.K hip hop scene?

Erick: Well, I know a few people. But again, hip hop stopped everywhere, so whatever new that was coming we didn’t get a chance to hear it yet because everything went to one side. I forgot the guy that was on the cover of Bonafide –umm- it started with a ‘k’… you got that magazine? (finds magazine and points) – him.


Oh – Klasknekoff.

Erick: Yeah, yeah. I thought some of his stuff was pretty dope, heard two songs on the radio today.


Yeah, I loved his first album The Sagas of… Are you guys recording at the moment?

Erick: Well, we’re really touring, cos right now what we’re gonna do is start, since y’all newcomers are learning it, we’re gonna start shooting videos of our own music, and it’ll be new to y’all again. So instead of going out there doing a whole full project – we got so much music that people don’t know about, so we decided to teach some of them, doing it over for the new people.

Alice cosying up with Erick and Parish.


Making it fresh?

Erick: Exactly, exactly. You need to repeat it for the young people out here learning it, right there – boom.

Parrish: This is for the new-school kids, the young kids, you know, and we teach them.


Like you’re re-educating?

Parrish: Yeah, slowing it down, and it’s our first show, so now that the shows over we’re like ‘yo – oh man,’ there’s a couple more songs we coulda did, but you don’t know until the show.


How different do you find it now touring, compared to say the early nineties?


Parrish: Well, now it’s understood what hip hop is. Before it used to be like aggressive competition and blah, blah, blah. Now the world’s in recession, the music’s gone, there’s no record companies, so the only way we’re surviving is because we’re independent. We don’t wait for nobody, we do our shit ourselves, book the tour, so there’s no ‘yo-you’re wylin’!’ So that’s how it is.

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