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If anyone’s earned the tag of ‘Mad Skillz’ it’s grime aficionados Elijah and Skilliam, for having easily one of the best shows on Rinse FM, running aspiring grime label behemoth Butterz and banging out some of the essential mixes in the grimosphere, and this isn’t even arbitrary arselicking. Don’t take my word judge for yourself with their  1 – 3 am shows every Thursday on Rinse FM and regularly updated and always relevant grime blog, also named Butterz.

Hey man, you good?

Yo man, everything’s bless!

Good to hear. You boys got anything big coming up?

We just dropped a new mix, and we are doing a party with numbers out in Barcelona to close Sonar, which should be sick, bringing our cousin Swindle should be messy.

[vsw id=”9963883″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Messy – not just a footballer! I saw your name on a poster with Onra recently as well.

Yeah that was in Dublin on Friday, was sick didn’t get to see Onra though. We have been to a different country every month so far this year, so it’s been fun pushing grime pushing grime in places I’d probably have never have visited, chilling with some really interesting people.

Whats the reaction been like? I honestly can’t imagine how it would go down in other countries.

There’s always a batch of people there that follow the radio show so people kinda just get involved from our energy and theirs.

Love it, that kinda answers my question about the radio show blowing up ha. What big releases you following up the Terror Danjah 12 with? and what are the future plans for butterz in general?

The next one for Butterz is the Quality Street EP and then after that Starkey, Swindle, Teeza and Royal T mixes of Air Bubble.  Began work on a book as well man but more on that soon.

Busy men! I am liking the Terror Danjah track on this by the way, proper jammy.

Trust, Terror got more where that came from.

I have faith, anyone else you on the scene you think deserves a shoutout bar the butterz roster?

We just try and involve anyone we rate!

And finally  favourite Next Hype remix? I hear the Phil Colins one is good.

Probably the one VS  DJ Oddz – Strung Up because its a beat that nobody ever plays that I always liked, but if anything I just wana hear the original its one of the best grime songs ever.

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