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Ahh the magic of Christmas. The sweet imagery propagated by advertising, the supermarket experience, Hollywood, and the parents of children under 10. Even the name itself possesses a degree of onomatopoeia, when breathily whispered into the chilling night air. “Christmassss”, the final lingering ‘S’s’ float like snowflakes from your warm lips. Children singing carols in middle-class middle-England towns, large happy families, merrily slaving over 15 course meals, and the dangling legs of jolly old Saint Nick over the crackle of logs on the fire, as he disembarks his sleigh for a pit-stop at your inviting abode. Why yes, you did leave milk and cookies for him (and a carrot for Rudolph).

Playfully winking at a handful of cultural references, while spreading their own festive cheer, La Shark and Fiction have collaborated for a convivial Christmas caper, titled Snowballin’. Lead singers Samuel Deschamps (La Shark) and Mike Barrett (Fiction) are joined by a bevy of band-mate elves, including a young Father Christmas (played by La Shark’s jovial bassist Love Maynard) and vocal cameos by lead guitarist Benjamin Francis Markham (La Shark) and Fiction’s multi-instrumentalist funnyman, James Howard. Fusing familial amiability with Christmas glam, they’ve even made the song available to download for free!

If this wonderful music video doesn’t melt the iciest of hearts, I don’t know what will… Drink it in boys & girls. Merry Christmatazz.

Download Snowballin’ here.

Listen to Mint Magazine’s Christmas podcast here.

Ian James

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