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Red Cross – Red Cross (Annette’s Got The Hits E.P.)

From 13-16. most of us are popping zits in the bathroom mirror and popping in two minutes behind some dumpsters in an alley (‘Was that as good for you as it was for me?’ You gently ask. ‘You didn’t even put it in.’ She replies) to realize that we should put our nervous hormones to good use. The McDonald brothers who were wedged somewhere between pubescence and prepubescence when their teenrage record Red Cross – Red Cross E.P (Or Annette’s Got The Hits E.P.) (later changed their named to Redd Kross after a well-known organization threatened a lawsuit.)

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While the brain is still fixing loose wires and figuring out how to eliminate ridiculousness from erratic behavior, Red Cross were singing, “The jocks at my school they think they’re cool. The book worms at my school are the biggest fools.” Those lyrics are more honest and identifiable to a high-school outcast who is looking for acceptance or some action. I never understood those absurd lyrics yelped by that fetus looking mother fucker Thom Yorke from Radiohead. Red Cross are like the dysfunctional love child of their L.A. punk heroes.


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