Bon Rappetite-The worlds first Hip-Hop restaurant.

Hip Hop plays a pretty huge influence for many of us here at Mint, and as you may well have seen, Alice, our very own Queen of Hip Hop interviews has sat down with some of the most respected names in the genre. You can check out her features by clicking HERE. So when we heard about Bon Rappetite, a Hip Hop themed restaurant in Atlanta, where all the dishes are awesomely named after Hip Hop stars past and present, We had to find out more. We hooked up with Everett Steele, the restaurants owner, to find out all about Bon Rappetite and its menu glazed with an all-star, Hip Hop cast.

We love the idea of Bon Rappetite, can you tell us how the concept originally came about?

We all love food and Hip Hop, so it was a natural synergy. Our head chef, James Hammerl is unbelievable. We had done some work in the past with his gourmet hotdog truck, DoggyDoggATL, and we started chatting about this idea, and it just made sense. We decided to go into it with a plan to just have fun, and see what we could come up with. We’re brimming with pride for Atlanta, and given our incredible Hip Hop community (Dungeon Family, Organized Noize, Soso Def, etc) we couldn’t think of a better fit for a themed restaurant.

For me, I think I’ll have the ‘Roast Face Killah’ followed by the ‘Old Dirty Custard’. It’s too hard to decide, the ‘Wu Tang Clams’ sound pretty rad too. Can you introduce us to some other dishes on your extensive menu?

I honestly find delight in everything we’ve got on the menu. As a vegetarian and huge Wu Tang fan, the Mushroom RZAotto is probably my favorite dish, both for content and hilarity.

How do you go about creating new dishes?

James is a brilliant chef, so he provides most of the inspiration. Truthfully, we also build things around the puns, because, hey, that’s what we do.

What is the biggest selling dish at the restaurant?

I think our most popular and oft-talked about dish is the Wutang Clams.

Tell us about some of the special events you hold at the restaurant? Freestyle dining and rap Mondays sound pretty interesting!

Freestyle rap battles during dinner is pretty wild. The hottub tables are out of sight, I don’t think anyone in the world has something similar. Bring The ‘Pagne parties always get nuts, a free bottle of champagne with each entrée really provides some, um, motivation, for getting wild.

Above photo: Allison and Backers at a private event hosted for the launch of the 2012 Lambourghini Aventador.

Can you introduce us to the team you guys have at Bon Rappetite, and tell us what’s in each of your head phones lately?

Well, I’m still pushing The Roots last album, Undun, at least once a day. It’s just enormous. I’m really digging the newest The Streets album, Computers and Blues, as well. Mike Skinner is just such a great lyricist, I’ve been following him closely since his pirate radio stuff. Oh, I gotta mention Priceless The kid. This guy is a semi-underground artist from Atlanta, and his last album is just out of control. He’s going to bust the scene open when his next album drops next month. Jason Dozier, our Chief Creative Officer is our Hip Hop guru. He listens to shit that hasn’t come out yet. Recently he’s been getting us all into Phonte, Blu & Exile, and this old Khujo Goodie album, Mercury, that I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks back. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Allison Steele (my wife) listens to a lot of female artists. She’s really into Jean Grae, Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monae and Kid Sister. In the office, we have a big itunes shared drive that we can control from our phones and cue up whatever we’re feeling at the moment. It’s an awesome environment. James just told me that I have to mention what he’s listening to. He reports that he is (at this very moment) listening to A$AP Rocky and some of the Clams Casino stuff, and is really into this guy Mux Mool at the moment. He literally just told me I “absolutely must send this info” to you, so here you go!

Above photo:  The Steele family (Allison and I are married, these are my parents and siblings) in the VIP booth during lunch.

Lastly…..can you open us a place in London!

We’re actually in talks with Jonathan “Ozzie” Oswald who is opening the Hip Hop Chip Shop ( in the UK. Not sure exactly where he’s setting up, but we’re talking about maybe sharing some menu items. I love it! Some of my favorite artists of the past few years are from the UK, so getting to participate in that scene is really exciting. I’m a huge fan of Mike Skinner, Tricky, Professor green,etc, and I’m really obsessed with Don’tFlop ( Those guys and girls are putting down some really sick stuff, and watching those battles is so cool. I really love that site.

Words Ed Schofield

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