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The first we saw of Azealia Banks was the black and white minimalist video for 212, we then saw things get a lot more elaborate and glossy when she worked with Rankin. With the video for Atlantis she takes on yet another direction. The work of FAFI it’s a tumblr like, edream gif overload type thing.  


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Brighton’s blackest of black comedy.

Down Terrace is about the only gory film that Katie has managed to watch at home alone (L-O-S-E-R) and she reviewed it for us so that you can go and…


Queues Are A Blast

People in the A$AP Rocky queue know how to dress.


Joe Moore and Tom Bosley hit Madchester.

Joe and Tom didn't want to let something so skate-destroying as snow ruin a good chance to skate, so they got the train to Manchester, and it was snowy.