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I am a lover of music any and all forms of music, vinyl, cd’s, downloads as long as its new and fresh i cant get enough of it. You know what it’s like with music, when you find something good, it just gives you such a great feeling. You can listen on your way to work, when you’re messing about at places like or at a party with friends, music can become such a big part of your life and it is in mine. I am always hunting for new tunes, but if there is one thing i love even more than new tunes is a beautiful cover design and packaging. so this has inspired me to start writing a weekly article on here combining these two elements, this has led me to start buying cds or vinyl on impulse based completely on the cover design to find that new tune fix. So this is what i am going to write about ‘The Blind Purchase’, so here it goes

In my blind purchase this week i bought the ‘Duke Specials’ album ‘The Silent World of Hector Mann’ based on this nice little cover, with all the graphics beautifully screen printed onto this grey card, which makes this really simple little card case. The mustache graphics continue onto the back with a large tash screen printed onto the back.

Now onto the music which is quite interesting. The album title ‘The Silent World of Hector Mann’ does give a hint to what this album entails, the creation of this album is quite an interesting element. The album is based on one of the final pictures “Mister Nobody” created by the silent film director Hector Mann, who made only 12 brilliant yet obscure silent movies in his career, Duke Special first came across Hector Mann whilst reading “The Book of Illusions” by Paul Auster, inspired by this book he sent out 11 copies of the book along with copies of “Mister Nobody” to his writer friends, to write him songs to record for this album with the only request that the song be written in a pre rock and roll style. This pre rock and roll style of the music grinds on you a little bit, but thats not to say there arn’t good tunes on the album. The album should really be listened in order as it has a strong narrative to it, but there are still a couple real stand out songs ‘Scandal’ and ‘Wanda, Darling of the Jockey Club’

I highly recommend checking out the rest of his material check out his myspace here

Blinded Ears weekly mix

Here are  a few tracks that i highly recommend on listening to and finding out about the bands you can download this little bunch at the bottom. This week i have the new Arcade fire track, a great tune by James Blake, an insane song by sleigh bells i highly recommend checking their stuff out. A nice couple of tracks by ‘the middle east’ and ‘funeral party’ a storming tune by ‘Castrovalva’ with an awsome sax section, a tune by ‘k-os’ which samples one of many peoples guilty pleasure songs, you will know what i mean when you listen to it and finally a song by a band everybody should know not just because of there name ‘HOLY FUCK’ so here you go, check out there websites and show you support and buy more music.

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

CMYK – James Blake

Infinity Guitars – Sliegh Bells

Blood – The Middle East

NYCmovestothesoundofLA – Funeral Party

Hoolinganz R US – Castrovalva

I wish i knew Natalie Portman – K-OS

Latin America – HOLY FUCK

Download this lot here

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