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We’d hope that you are both aware of and regularly check the Mint Magazine Music Blog. There’s a pretty little scrolling display of what’s been on there recently on the front page so really you’ve got no excuse. When you’ve got the time I’d suggest heading over to it and making sure that you’ve not missed anything that you need in your life. To make things easier and for all of those with hectic schedules we’ve decided to present you with a bit of a roundup of some of the best bits each week. Here, goes…

Download: DREΛMS – Don’t Care About Her

New track available to download from Jesse Pimenta. Part of the 6 Bit Collective. A truly relaxing blend of warped vocals and hypnotic meanderings. Music to zone out to and truly embrace the fact that you really don’t care about her, whoever it is she may be.


Video: Outer Limitz – I Kontact 

It’s not the best thing to say about a music video but it might be worth just listening to this track with your eyes closed. It sounds great but the guy seems like such a tool that you might be a little bit put off. The creative spelling in both song title and band name should probably have been warning enough of that. 


Download: oOoOO – CoachBagg

Christopher Greenspan got lumped into the whole Witch House thing. This was in large part simply to do with the labels he was involved with. Now that interest in that genre has faded to the point where all that’s really left is a slew of ungooglable websites, he’s decidedly distancing himself from that world. This track comes from his latest EP ‘Our Love is Hurting Us’.



Stream: Royal Headache – Psychotic Episode

Australia’s Royal Headache have an American release for their debut album on What’s Your Rupture on May 8th. It’s a great excuse to discover the band. They’re good enough that I’m quite embarrassed to only just be hearing this now. Better late than never and all that. 


Stream: Death Grips – The Money Store 

I seem to have basically been posting the tracks from this album as they popped up. Being drip fed like the rest of the internet and lapping it up. Well now they’ve gone ahead and splurged the record in its entirety.  


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Mint Mixtape – Dakim.

Free jams and candy inside.

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Charanjit Singh – Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat

I went to Rough Trade looking for Middle Eastern Disco and came out with something that threw everything I thought I knew about electronic music on its head.

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Super-Hero Vs. Super-Human.

When I was younger I always wished I had control over time, sadly I don't, and I don't think anyone does - but there are some people who have 'super-powers,'…