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Belly Kids are teaming up with Mint Magazine to talk with our favourite musicians about food, cooking and all things eating. It’s something of a passion of ours and I know we aren’t alone. Ever since I put together The Mona Pizza recipe book, investigating the food culture behind music, it has become an obsession.

Dolfinz and Slowcoaches are young, ace and heavily distorted. Together, many times, they’ve played an amazing bill – on tour, at home, basically wherever. I’m happy to say that over the coming months both will be working with Belly Kids on something or other, we’re pretty excited. Not just that, they are getting married circa 2016. Check them out, sloppy but not in the boring way. Slowcoaches remind me of an awesome band on Gringo, who for some reason don’t seem to be on Gringo – what gives guys?

You guys seem best of friends – releasing records and touring together. But do you get along when it comes to food?

DLFNZ: Yeah, I definitely feel like we have the strongest bond with the Coaches out of all the bands we know and hang with. We only see each other when we play so we always eat the same stuff, PIZZA RIDER, pretty much. We got heaps of pasta in Cardiff, and there was a little napkin reserving the table for ‘bands’, it made me feel like Caleb Followill, a bit.

SLWCHZ: When we were on tour, food was all about the service stations. Peperamis and steak flavoured crisps, mouldy olives, we seemed to like all that stuff. That and lots of Coke and Sprite.

So talk us through your daily eating routine when you guys are on tour?

DLFNZ: Wake up, tea/toast when possible, have a cig in the garden, then hit the road. If it’s a big drive we’ll stop at a service station and get BURGERS but Heather never finishes hers because she is what Dolfinz would call a ‘bunny’.

SLWCHZ: I normally miss breakfast. A bit of snacking throughout the day. Sandwich maybe or a soup. Then dinner; I like pies. Chicken and mustard is my fav. Also fajitas and chicken fillets covered in paprika. YEAH! 

Do you eat out much? Been anywhere super nice that deserves a mention?

DLFNZ: We went out for a ‘proper meal’ in Bristol and it was so gross, it was like this ‘rock’ bar near the venue with shit food and horrible music and a horrible atmosphere. I think both bands can agree that Bristol is lame as fuck. We had our one day off in Essex at Sam from Slowcoaches mum’s house and she made us amazing food the whole time and we drank loads of stubbies and red wine and got pretty tipsy. It was so good.

SLWCHZ: To eat out I like to go for burgers, currys too. I’ve started working at Sela bar in Leeds and they have the meanest pizzas, proper thin crust. It’s dope.

We had a chat with Hookworms not so long ago and they gave us their love letter to ale – what do you guys like to drink? Any awesome disaster drinking stories?

DLFNZ: We liked drinking these out of date beers we got at a show in Preston, they were proper rank but got us pretty messed up for a good few days. Beer and red wine are always best. There’s one disaster incident but we honestly can’t say about it. It’s hilarious anyway and involves Heather Perkins and her stupid drunk tongue.

SLWCHZ: All of it. It makes for bad times. Come and hang out with us and find out.

What ingredients would be in your ready steady cook bag (remember, gotta spend 10 or less)?

DLFNZ: A cheap ass chicken and some Nando’s sauce.

SLWCHZ:  Crisp party. That would be my ready steady cook bag. A 4 pack and 2 bags of crisps and keeping the change.

Best records to have on at a dinner party?

DLFNZ: A dinner party to us is eating Doritos outta the bag whilst listening to Nirvana b sides on his blackberry. If we were gonna do a well fancy one I’d probably put my Panpipes tape on, it’s got covers of like ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Light My Fire’.

SLWCHZ:  The Wall by Pink Floyd.


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Mike Coley, Belly Kids.

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