Beaty Heart.

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L>R – James, Charlie, Josh, Tom.

You know how we started slagging it off, then remembered that there’s a load of new, exciting talent coming out of south east London? Beaty Heart are a perfect example. Not that I’m one for classifying bands in to ridiculous genres, but if I was gifted with the labelling prowess of someone that was I’d probably still find it pretty hard to pin these guys down. Some of their music is hypnotising, melancholic, and ethereal, and some of it makes you want to move around a whole load. Just go and see them live and you’ll see what I mean. I went and spoke to them in their house, surrounded by shopping carts filled with drums and being stared at by the eyes of a man pasted on the wall.

Talk me through how it all started.

Josh: It was Halloween night…Halloween night?

What, you all met on halloween?

Charlie: Yeah, I mean –  us three went to school together.

Josh: And I was in halls with Tom

Tom: Yeah, I met Josh in halls and then through that, these two.

Charlie: And yeah we all met each other and just decided to, you know – James and I had been mucking around with music and stuff before anyway.

Were you in bands before?

Charlie: Yeah we’ve been in few before.

Similar to Beaty Heart?

Charlie: No not at all. I mean I think that’s kind of the purpose of this band. Well for me anyway – to do something I haven’t done before and try to do something different and stick with it, after all those other bands.

How did that all come about, did you purposefully decide to play in like, ‘an experimental band’ or ‘an electronic band’?

Josh: No, not really – it was just mutual appreciation for a load of things, similar music tastes – stuff like that and it just sort of all came together I guess.

Beaty Heart in their basement/ ex rehearsal space.

You all switch around a fair bit, how did you decide who was playing what?

Josh: I don’t know, that sort of came about naturally because like – well I think that was another one of the reasons that we started the band as well, so we could do that – play lots of different things.

Tom: Yeah, well three of us are drummers and I think us three didn’t just want to play drums and I think from that it just grew…

Charlie: And we still don’t really know what the fuck we’re doing. No we do, we do! I mean, we still swap around and no-ones got a set position, and I think that kind of works.

Tom: Nice to get out from behind the drum-kit!

James: It was cool to just play some new instruments and yeah, try something we’d never done before.

How does the song writing work with three drummers then?

Charlie: I don’t know really.

Tom: Well it helps that you don’t play drums.

Josh: It does help that I don’t play drums! It doesn’t help that I don’t play anything else though.

James: Us three all play other stuff…

Josh: We dabble!

Charlie: Yeah, no, I mean we all play other stuff as well so it’s not like we’re trying to pick a melody out of the drums – tuning each one to a c or an f or whatever.

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Let’s talk about the Musgrove gig. (A party in New Cross that Beaty Heart played before getting shut down by about 6 police riot vans)


Tom: Well, we were actually in halls with all the people who held it and they asked us so we were just like, yeah why not.

Josh: I don’t think it was our best performance musically but it was a cool night.

Did you get hassled by the police afterwards?

James: Us? No not really – they were actually alright about it.

Tom: I think we were actually quite lucky, they waited until we got all our stuff out…

Charlie: Yeah if they’d have come in while we were playing that would have been the end of our band – we would have had to grab the memory cards out of the samplers and got out before they took it all!

Have you got any more parties planned anytime soon? Or are you thinking of curating anything?

Josh: We did the ‘Cola‘ night, but parties – no not really, it would be good to do a couple before our hiatus though.


Josh: Charlie’s off to..

Charlie: I’m driving to Mongolia in an ice-cream van from the fifties.

Oh right..

Tom: Yeah, we did look at gigging in Mongolia but the logistics weren’t really..

James: What about Kazakhstan?

Tom: Ha-ha, yeah or Romania. Go to Romania and do a huge show.

Yeah, how do you guys find playing up on stage compared with parties?


Charlie: I don’t know, I suppose it doesn’t really make too much difference.

Josh: It makes crowd participation kind of hard I guess.

Because you pass around drums in the audience and stuff right?

James: Yeah – I’m not really sure how that would work on a stage sort of separated from the crowd, we’ve only really done it at parties.

Josh: We could tie the drums to our legs with pieces of string and throw them out.

Tom: Yeah, bait all the K-heads then pull them back in when they go and grab for them!





So is that something that’s important to you guys when you play live then?

Charlie: Well yeah, it’s cool getting people involved…

Josh: I don’t think the drum thing is always that important though! And if we keep doing then we’ll probably start to lose drums…

Tom: Or get them back all smashed up.

Charlie: But yeah, we like to make the show more than just a gig – we have projections when we play at the moment – hopefully we can sort it out so we can trigger them live because the current ones are sort of tailored to our old set.

Josh: We want it to be more of a performance rather than any other old show, without any sort of restrictions or limitations.

What are the plans for the near future?

Charlie: Well we’ve got a few shows coming up before I go away.

James: And we’re going to get some recording done.

Josh: Yeah, considering we’ve been just recording demos and stuff on logic upstairs it’s going to be good to see how a producer will make his own mark and craft our sound.

Tom: And make the drums sound better. The drums are important.

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