An Interview With Henry Krinkle

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We recently asked our favourite Floridian and our ears in the deep south, Henry Krinkle, to give us an exclusive track and I’ve got to say it’s something special for these long summer days. We talked parties, inspiration and releases. Enjoy.

Mint Magazine: First of all, would you be able to introduce yourself to anyone over in the UK that doesn’t know you.

Henry Krinkle: My name is Henry Krinkle and I am part of the legion of worldwide beat makers.

M: And how long have you been writing beats?

HK: With this project, it’s been about 5 months. However, I have had a very heavy interest in producing beats over the last 8 years or so.

M: Do you think your location (Florida) inspires you in anyway? You seem to have quite a distinctive sound (well to me anyway), I can always tell one of your tracks from anybody else’s.

HK: Where I find myself geographically undoubtedly has some influence on what I write but it is hard to say whether that influence is direct or indirect. So many things beyond my control are in play. To be perfectly honest, I do not know where my inspiration comes from.

M: What other artists originally made you want to start producing and start writing music?

HK: Aphex Twin, múm and Boards of Canada really pushed me into creating computer music.

M: Now, I’ve seen a number of excusive tracks dotted about, remixes and a few labels posting your stuff up, is there any news or light you can shed on a
forthcoming EP or something? The ‘Lush Haus’ Remix record was brilliant and receives so much circulation on my iPod.

HK: I’ve been plugging away at an EP/LP concept for a few months now. I am a real perfectionist so I’ve been scrapping a lot of tracks and queuing them up for free online releases. God knows when it will be finished but it is safe to say that an EP/LP is in the works.

M: That makes me very excited, I guess there’s no real news on it yet, but do you have any idea of potential labels you want to see a release through?

HK: Nothing concrete in the way of labels yet. I’ve had my eye on a few (some more fantasy than realistic) but I’ll let things take their natural course for now.

M: Moving on from that, what other upcoming artists are catching your attention at the moment, is there anyone you would think about working with?

HK: Most recently I’ve been in love with Taquwami, Village, and Jaw Jam. It’s also been awesome watching some fellow Floridians really get out there, most notably Sumsun, XXYYXX and Hundred Waters.

M: How do you like to perform your live shows? And how do you feel actually triggering your music and playing your own stuff out compares to DJing? There’s a lot of cool producers that seem to only DJ, but as I know you do both, which would you say has the best feel?

HK: I’ve personally enjoyed presenting unique and original performances as well as DJing parties. The creative possibilities of both mediums are so vast that it is not difficult to create an exciting hybrid performance where the whole “DJing” vs. “live performance” debate becomes nothing more than a semantic argument. If I am playing a party, I am playing to serve the party, not to make myself look cool – that should always be a by-product of doing good work! My main concern is that the people at an event are having a great time, making friends, making memories, and going home happy.

M: I understand; it’s so refreshing to hear an artist say that, the most important thing after all is the music. Finally, can you tell us a little about this exclusive track you’ve very kindly offered to us?

HK: The track is called “Otis” and it’s centred around a sample I took from this really crackly, lo-fi, experimental gospel type song from the 70s or 80s. I had tucked away that sample a while ago so I cannot remember the exact record although I assume the artist’s name was Otis. I stumbled upon it recently and decided it would make for a neat little tune. It’s not a banger but it has a rubber-snake sub bass and a beat you can nod your head to.

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