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33-45 is a celebration of vinyl culture, all our reviews are of current vinyl pressings. Tom Hinton talks anything vaguely guitars whilst Miles Probyn deals with the house…

The History of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool
Roundtable Records
Out Now
The debut single from this lot has finally arrived. It’s going to be the 2nd ever release on Roundtable.  A new venture run by a lass called Kate who happens to be Joe from Angular Recording’s sister, little fact there for those geek enough to be interested in such things. It’s a hipster summer love anthem that just about sits on the right side of the sweet/sickly divide. In a band where the singer is dating the lead guitarist theres always the danger of it reeking of the sentiment of disgarded greetings card slogans. In fact the song is apparently about an old school friend, one who was ‘so cool’ because he knew all the words to True Romance off by heart. Whatver sentiment you want to take from the track, it’s 3.33 minutes of blissed out haze that are almost guarnteed to leave a slightly slack eyed smile on your face. The videos worth checking as well, directed by Camille Benett, it features an anthpomorpic ice cream romping through an essex sea side town. If that doesnt intrigue you then I don’t know what will. Single release tonight at White Heat after you fall in love with the video…

Bitches/Yuppies Split


Out Now

Palmist are pretty much the kind of label that is why this column exists. “It is a labour of love project dedicated to releasing limited vinyl-only runs of artists we love and think more people should hear about. Generally much of the music we release comprises of home recordings, or comes from artists with roots in the DIY tradition” says the website and while this business model could go horribly wrong it really hasn’t here. It’s not a case of them putting out their mate from school’s shitty project. This is the 2nd release from the FatCat Records spin off and it brings together Londons Bitches with Nebraska’s Yuppies. Not exactly a quiet pairing. Bitches 2 piece bass, drums and screaming attack is displayed in full force here. It’s music that manages to bring joy and warmth while being shrouded in yelps and fuzz. Music to dance aggressively round your room to. Yuppies have a more traditional set up and play punky lo-fi  ramshakcle americana. For people who care more about passion and intent than gloss in their music. Plently of rough edges left in because; Fuck, why not?, the rough edges sound good. It all comes in some beautiful packaging by James Cartwright who is currently all over Palmists stuff.

Bitches – Wallet by Palmist Records


Disclosure – Carnival
Out Now

You know those kids you resent because they manage to pull off being precocious and cool at the same time, not those ones that go to Oxford at 6 and never get laid, I mean the ones you can’t just say “well at least I’m having fun” at. Yeah, Disclosure are those guys, a pair of brothers 16 and 19 at the moment and here they are casually knocking out their 2nd single. Its that chameleonic kind of dance music that sounds as good in the club as it does on headphones on the way home after; with your head pressed against the window of a nightbus and the world yet to truly come back into focus. Glitchy vast paced garage vibez, it pulls off the neat trick of managing to showcase its influences while still coming across as original and current. They’ve just started playing shows but are already notching up some pretty impressive support slots and are getting love on the radio from the likes of Annie Mac. Definitely ones to watch and I wouldn’t be surprised if the next single is even better than this.
Carnival by Disclosure.


Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Cheza Ngoma
Dream Beach
Out Now

Dream beach is eddy from Fair Ohs new venture. A Moshi Moshi imprint that’s been set up with the goal of seeing if you can release world music in the way you would punk music. Limited 7” runs and the like. An attempt to shed world music of its perceived beards and lentils vibe and get people to actually listen to whats being played. If this first record is anything to go by then it might actually work.. It’s Kenyan guitar muisc in a style that you’d apparently call “Kamba”. Undeniably African in sound it does however feature the kind of guitar lines that people like Vampire Weekend appropriated. It’s the kind of music that when you relalise how it’s making you dance you’ll hope no one was watching. It’s so joyous and full of life that you can tell in an instant that it was made somewhere that gets a hell of a lot more sun than where you are, somewhere that your stresses and worries would seem odd. Perfect for enjoying in the Summer months and I’d imagine it’ll work just as well to chase away the winter blues when they stumble back around.

Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Cheza Ngoma by Dream Beach Records


Beaty Heart – 2 Good
Loose Lips
Out Now

Mint have been backing and enjoying Beaty Heart for a while now but they’ve only just gotten around to releasing anything on vinyl. A valiant attempt to capture the live show, and theyve certainly managed it, even without psychedelic projections and the sight of multiple drummers it works. Out now on Loose Lips records, an inprint so small that Beaty make up a third of the current roster. Theres always been some debate about how best to describe the bands sound. Psychedelic Drum Pop is one of the phrases been casually tossed around and it fits pretty nicely. Multiple drummers, loops and swirling samples. Animal Collective are an influence and it shows but what they’re making here has a resolute individuality. The B side is a Jam City remix, a friend of the band & adds a South London vibe to reflect where this music is actually being made. Less upbeat vocals, more discordant clicks and beeps. The first 50 bought from Rough Trade came with a 1m x 50cm screen print specially done by the band, although I can’t imagine they’re currently that easy to get your hands on. For a band so interested in visuals its not surprising that it comes with a pretty dazzling cover.  Colourful abstraction that gives you a taste of what come inside.

All words by Tom Hinton

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