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33-45 is a celebration of vinyl culture and an indication of the week’s releases that we think are worth owning IRL. All records reviewed in this feature are available to purchase as either a 7, 10 or 12 inch record, just follow the links below, but as ever we encourage you to go to your local record store and have a look around, you never know what you may find.

Nik Colk Void – Gold E
Ogenesis Recordings
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The latest release on Tim Burgess’ Ogenesis Recordings is unsurprisingly not exactly a straight up pop single. Nik Colk Void, when not recording solo, is a member of Factory Floor and collaborates with everyone’s favourite couple from Throbbing Gristle as the imaginatively named Carter Tutti Void. Her pedigree as an experimental musician is pretty firmly established already as you can see. This further demonstrates it, the recording is, at least in part, the work of a bow played guitar and sounds like the ominous building roar as an unnecessary character approaches a door in the kind of film that leaves children traumatised. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this record is the sleeve. Not just because it’s gold, although that is nice if you like that kind of thing, but also because it’s playable. It’s hand cast polyurethane that is designed to disintegrate as it plays. Creativity through attrition as each play distorts the grooves creating a unique sound till the needle is scratching out a flat-lined screech is the finality and possibility of the work.

Brontide – Coloured Tongues
Holy Roar
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Just 300 copies of this pressed on very pretty looking translucent vinyl; it is being released by Holy Roar though so attention to aesthetic detail is unsurprising.  Rough Trade has this billed as a tour exclusive but I’m not sure why. You can buy it online so it isn’t strictly necessary to attend the shows. You should though, Brontide are great live and you could end up living out a Blink 182 song IRL and falling in love or whatever. The B side to the record is “MFBT” a song that has been a feature of the live show for a while but this is the first time it has been committed to record properly so it’s a special for that alone. It’s an impressive display of instrumental dexterity and musicianship from a band whose members have at times also served time on stages with La Roux, Iwasacubscout and Rolo Tomassi.

Joy Orbison and Boddika – Froth/Mercy
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Yes, I did review the last collaboration between Boddika and Joy Orbison and yes, that was only a few weeks ago. It’s not my fault that they are prolific enough and friendly enough with each other that they spew out quality with such temporal proximity. In all honesty if you’re going to like this record you almost certainly know who both Boddika and Joy Orbison are. If not, and for some reason this is your first exposure, you’re going to enjoy a lot of time browsing SoundCloud and badly uploaded YouTube videos educating yourself on what you’ve been missing. This is the first release on new imprint Sunklo, a label set up by the pair especially to release it. Sounds straight out of a Berlin basement rave.

Amateur Best – Be Happy
Double Denim
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I wrote about this when it was first announced but you can actually buy it now, because I’m lazy here’s what I said then “Hopefully you remember Primary 1. It was the project of a British man called Joe Flory, he decided last year to stop recording under that name. Back now with a slightly different project, Amateur Best. The songs are about a fictional character from London who DJs when he’s not drinking and is described as a “lifelong amateur”. This is the 10th release from the ever interesting Double Denim, comes in a sleeve designed by James Kirkup and will be accompanied by a comic book, illustrated by
Flory himself, that will present to you a fuller picture of the life of Mr Best.” Details are the same, only 300 in existence so best hurry if you want one.

You can read about all the previous releases we have reviewed here.


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