33-45 – Record Store Day Special

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Record Store Day is very nearly upon us so here is a pile of records that we over-enthusiastically recommend you go out and buy, once we have our copies of course.

Carter Tutti Void
7″ picture disc
QTY: 300
Label: Mute

This is a record that I haven’t been able to get enough of since it first landed in my inbox. It’s been featured on the site a few times in various ways but I’m still comfortable including it here. I’d highly recommend getting your hands on it in any way possible, so why not add it to your Record Store Day purchases if you’ve been slow on the uptake. Then play it fucking loud and scare the shit out of those un/fortunate enough to be in your proximity.

Carter Tutti Void – V3 (edit) 


Childish Gambino
Label: Island

It took me a reasonably long time to be able to appreciate Donald Glover’s musical output. It’s not that it isn’t very good it was just an inability on my part to separate him from the other things he does. Ridiculous I know, but my introduction to him as a human was via Community and so his character in that was my perception of him. He’s fucking great in that. Finding out that he wrote for 30 Rock impressed me further and broadened who he was to me. Being told that I should check out his musical side because it was amazing, simply made me tell people to fuck off. I’m over that now though and regret the time it took me.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat  


Live In Seattle 1981
2LP + 2 12″ posters Booji
Label: Boy Records

Looking through the records I’ve picked for this I’ve not really been that great at focusing on new music. I might just be in a nostalgic mood as I write this but a lot of the things that are coming out that excite me are bands that I loved as a kid. Things that I never picked up on vinyl for whatever reason. There’s enough brand new music on the site the rest of the time so I’m going to indulge myself. It’s a live bootleg of Devo, who cares if it’s not new; it’s fucking cool.

Devo – Mongoloid (Not the version from the RSD release)



Mclusky Do Dallas
LP orange vinyl
Qty: 1,000 copies
Label: Too Pure

A recent discussion with another member of the Mint team led to an interesting point. One of the great things about Record Store Day is getting your hands on things with a cache of exclusivity. Early morning sleep deprived browsing rewarding you with treasure that you can tweet about sending those whose alarms didn’t stir them into fits of jealous rage and casplocked fuelled responses. With a repressing of 1,000 this is unlikely to happen here. Or at least that was my colleague’s assumption. While this isn’t a run of 3 copies hand etched by the band and with packaging sealed with their bodily fluids it is a Mclusky LP. An orange Mclusky LP. One that features some of the greatest punk songs recorded in this millennium so far.

Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intention


Odd Future
The Of Tape Vol. 2 Triple album vinyl
Qty: 500
Label: Sony

To be honest, I’m a little tired of the whole OFGKTA thing. Anyone with any sense probably is. I don’t own the requisite Supreme heavy wardrobe anyway so I don’t think I’m allowed to call myself a fan. Even if the love affair has faded they are still one of the more interesting groups to have broached mainstream culture in a while. There’s a lot to object to but I’d still like to own this record. It’s provides one of the things that records are best for: a snapshot in time. I’ll be abe to flick through my vinyl one day in the future and grin and shake my head while asking whoever’s in the room if they remember when we thought this record was going to count as important.

‘Hcapd’ (ft. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, and Tyler, the Creator)


Blitzkrieg Bop/Havana Affair
7″, sire house bag
Qty 800
Label: Sire/Rhino

I own these songs in so many forms it’s kind of ridiculous to include this release but it’s the fucking Ramones. Before I was even aware of the concept of a band’s reputation being tarnished by a parade of high street garments on the worst human being available for derision I loved this band. I still do and it’s something that will never change. These aren’t my favourite Ramones tracks, I’d be working from a pretty long list if I ever did try to decide what are so I’m not even going to try here. When people start trying to tell me how great the Beatles are I start to wonder if they’ve ever listened to a Ramones record. No fucking hemp draped hippy bullshit here.

Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop 


The Shape Of Punk To Come
2LP clear vinyl
Qty 300
Label: Epitah

Refused reforming is basically one of the greatest things to happen in a long time. This is quite simply one of the best albums of all time. I’m not willing to even hear any of that taste in music is subjective bullshit about this. It’s a simple question of fact. It never really did prove to be the shape of punk to come. It didn’t really need to, this was enough.

Refused – The Shape of Punk To Come


The Misfits
Walk Amoung Us
1 LP
Qty 500
Label: Rhino

My final selection is yet another trip down memory lane. Another band blighted by an image that has permeated culture more profoundly than their music. Yes, this is something that particularly irks me. I know it’s stupid but it does. First released in 1982 this was the first Misfits album to be released though bizarrely not the first to be recorded. Little fact for you there. It’s probably true I read it on Wikipedia.

Misfits – Walk Amoung Us (Whole Album Stream)

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