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33-45 is a celebration of vinyl. All records reviewed in this feature are available to purchase as either a 7, 10 or 12 inch record, just follow the links below…


Ayshay – Warn U
Tri Angle Records
Out Now

Tri Angle don’t put out bland music, every release seems to be a genre-blending mind-raping blast from the future. This hasn’t changed here. Ayshay is producer and vocalist Fatima Al Qadiri, born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait and now a resident of NYC. I guess with a background like that you’re unlikely to end up making straight up pop music. This record is constructed entirely out of her own vocal samples, distorted, layered and warped into a track of haunting chants. It is based in part upon Ayshay’s reinterpretation of the sacred songs of Islam and the sounds certainly have something spiritual and ritualistic in their nature. The record also includes a remix of Warn U from Nguzunguzu which turns the track into 12 minutes filled with frantic drums and lazer zaps, it probably wasn’t inspired by the sacred songs of anything.

Ayshay – WARN-U by TriAngleRecords


Thee Oh Sees/ David Shrigley  – Edition Fieber
Edition Feiber
Out Now

Every hipster and art school kid has probably had, at some point, a David Shrigley postcard/print/poster up on their wall, he is something of an alternative British institution at this point. His off-kilter sense of humour and distinctive drawing style bringing him a legion of followers. He’s also a massive music fan and has put out a couple of releases before, done artwork for the likes of Deerhoof and made a music video for Blur, amongst others. This time around he’s teamed up with San Fransisco punk band Thee Oh Sees as part of the Edition Fieber series. The band and David became aware of each others’ work a few years ago when they were introduced to each other by Jan Lankisch of said series, a mutual admiration was born. This release is limited to 200 and contains two new Thee Oh Sees songs written especially for it on one record, and two songs that are collaborations between David Shrigley and Marting Young on the other. The artwork, unsurprisingly, comes from David.
Thee Oh Sees – “Ugly Man” by Edition Fieber


Fair Ohs – Pacific Rim
Tough Love
Out Now

You’ve probably heard Fair Ohs debut album “Everything is Dancing”, if not you’ve missed out on the perfect soundtrack to your summer, it was a joyous African inspired slice of brilliance. This record is slightly different. Back when they started they were a noisier proposition. Originally called Big Fucking Deal, they went through a couple of name variations before they settled on Fair Ohs and they played sub 2 minute hardcore songs. That’s what you’re getting here and God it’s fun. Recorded in one-take-straight-to-tape fashion by Rory Attwell,  these songs were originally released as a short run cassette by bassist Matt Flag on his label Suplex. Most of those disappeared into the hands of friends and no one’s been able to get at these songs since. Now with the help of Tough Love these tracks are getting a second chance as a limited edition blue 7”.

Fair Ohs – Copain Copine by Tough Love


Goitia Deitz – Romance/Coma
Disc Error Recordings

I’ve not been able to find out a lot about Goitia Deitz themselves, they’re playing that whole, “aint we mysterious” card, no pics or interviews that can be easily found and certainly no twitter feed. They’re a pair of producers from Brooklyn, this I know, but not much else. I know a bit more about the record itself, limited edition run on Disc Error, the artwork is a collaboration between the band themselves and Ciaran O’Shea. The music’s entirely improvised and recorded in one take using only analogue equipment. For the constraints they’ve put on themselves the music sounds incredible. It has had some additional mixing by James Aparicio who’s worked with people like Liars and Spirtualised, but you get the feeling that the magic here is coming from the band themselves. Coma is that kind of driving dark krautrock sound that Zombie Zombie do so well, all undertones of intense stares and menacing intentions. Romance is a gentler ride with more of a softened Italo feel to it.

C O M A by Goitia Deitz




Tom Hinton




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