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Electricity In Our Homes – Aching, Breaking, Shaking

Electricity In Our Homes have been around in one form or another since 2007. They were a 4 piece back then and over the last 5 years they’ve ditched a member and released a spew of eps, singles and the like. Now they’re gearing up for their first proper album, ‘Dear Shareholder’ from which this is the first single. Recently signed to Fierce Panda, though this single is coming out on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label, and was produced by the man himself.  The A side is a mess of skittering drums, post punk bass lines and disjointed guitar with the singers distinctively unusual voice hanging over the top. The B side is slower, less manic, but more haunting even in its relative togetherness.
No steam to be had but here’s a live video from The Shackwell Arms.



Novella – The Things You Do

Yeah it’s 2011 and whatever so therefore it’s not meant to matter, and I’ll probably get told off for even saying it but Novella are a girl band. Not in a gyrate, pout, autotune, kinda way, as in it’s a band that happens to be made up of 3 girls. Mentioned as a matter of description not condescension. The girls met in Brighton, where 2 of them were in a band with Linda from Echo Lake, and have been playing together since they all moved to London at the beginning of last year, roping in a few different drummers along the way to help out live. This is the first single and the second release on Dirty Bingo Records, the label that the London promoters founded to mark their seventh birthday and the girls debut. It’s a perfect introduction to their brand of fuzzy, dreamy, guitar pop and will help you understand why people are making such a fuss about them.

Oh Brian by Novella.



Beaters / Prize Pets – Split

This is the latest in the Palmist split series, we’ve featured them before and no doubt we’ll be featuring them again. Unsurprisingly Palmist is still a Fat Cat spin off and a glance will tell you that it’s still James Cartwright doing the artwork. So trivialities out of the way, what’s the music situation? On one side is Beaters, a Californian “mutant noir-punk” band, not a genre I’m familiar with but it’s too good not to just lift it out of the press release. It’s, umm, dark, kind of freaky, edgy rock music, yeah? On a serious note however you want to label it, it’s fucking good. On the flip side is Nottingham’s Prize Pets, who are a more up beat affair, messy poppy guitar punk, with vocals that carry more by intention than tune, a manic, slightly off kilter delivery that’s all the better for it.



Eagles for Hands – Eagles for Hand ep

Eagles for Hands is the slightly unusual name chosen by a guy from Brighton called Laurie James Ross. Originally trained in Baroque and Classical music and a contributor to Steve Hewit, aka the drummer from Placebo’s side project, Love Amongst Ruin, this is something entirely different. It’s his debut ep under the moniker and is coming out on the relatively new Get Some label, with a cover illustration by Craig Bogey. The music is electronic in nature but putting a firm name to it is nigh on impossible, even within individual tracks it seems to jump between genres, pacing, instrumentation and tones. And yet it still sounds cohesive, it’s like a dj mix except it’s all been made by one man. Genius.  Upcoming release (Get Some Records) by Eagles For Hands




Tom Hinton



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