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Bo Ningen – Henkan
Stolen Recordings
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The latest piece of music from everyone’s favourite hirsute psych-rock Japanese émigrés to London is, to be honest, unsurprising. While that statement appears dismissive, it is in fact a rare celebration of those occasions where consistency is a virtue. Bo Ningen are unlikely to ever fling a dubstep record in our faces, they will however from time after time wow us with a musicianship and intensity that leaves you reeling. I’ve got no idea what the lyrics mean and from what I understand neither do they half the time but this isn’t really something that matters. I’ve also got no idea how to play like that, it’s the kind of guitar playing that you’d imagine would have to be preceded by an adolescence of missed opportunities and much solitude, as riff after riff seeps under a bedroom door that rarely sees movement. Looking at the guys it’s hard to tell if this is correct or if they just happen to be this way. Who gives a fuck to be honest, it’s always nice to hear proper rock music, isn’t it?

Bo Ningen new double A Single by Stolencloud


Friends – I’m His Girl
Lucky Number Music
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Friends are from Brooklyn, you know that place in America where they like to gestate hip bands and that. The kind that generally think they look more interesting than everyone else thinks the music they make is. Paying more money to American Apparel than your landlord isn’t a big look. Friends are one of those rare gems that are going to perpetuate art school migration. In that they are actually worth listening to, even if facts like their apparent affiliation with a defunct illegal music venue and commune type thing called The Market Hotel does seem to stray into the realms of parody. Put out by Lucky Number, I’m his Girl is a love song of the kind that I’d imagine is not all that appreciated by feminazis but still manages to be endearing in a way that isn’t sickly. The B side is a potential nostalgia stirrer, a cover of Ghost Down DJs My Boo, I guess that depends on how you spent the nineties though.

Friends – I’m His Girl by LuckyNumberMusic



Trailer Trash Tracys – You Wish You Were Red
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Trailer Trash Tracys were around for a bit a while ago. We all got excited, stumbled to their shows, made enthusiastic statements to our friends and dropped the name to members of the opposite sex (or the non-opposite sex if that was your proclivity). Then they ran away and we all felt a little bit short changed. However, like a butterfly from a cocoon/a phoenix from the ashes/lazarus from a failed metaphor, they’re back now. This 7” is coming as a precursor to a full length LP, out on Double 6/Domino at the beginning of next year and a lot of people are going to give them some leeway for that unexplained time. You wish You Were Red was a part of the bands repertoire last time around but they’ve re-recorded it for the release. It’s a track that manages to evoke an epicity that belies the sparse nature of the actual track. An exercise in the heart-wrenching nature of reverbed restraint.

Trailer Trash Tracys – You Wish You Were Red by DominoRecordCo



Blue On Blue – Blue on Blue
Tip Top Recordings
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Out Now

Blue on Blue are London based duo Dee Sada and Billy Steiger. The group formed a couple of years ago after the dissolution of Dee’s prior band, An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump. Anyone familiar with the aforementioned act won’t be surprised that she’s retained the dark influences, though these new tracks have a different vibe to them, the angular edges softened in a night-time haze and then boosted by the arrival of increased electronic experimentation. The music was recorded at Morgenrock Studios, specially constructed by the pair in East London as a place in which to bring their dreams to life. They share the vocal responsibilities across a record that broadcasts the diversity of their influences, string sections sit alongside experiments in noise and the kind of electronic meanderings that you’d expect from something much more solidly in the dance spectrum.

Blue On Blue – We Never Sleep by Tip Top Recordings


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