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I’m not exactly sure about this. How do you summarise the whole world in only a couple of paragraphs and manage to do it justice? I suppose I’ll just have to wing it for this week, especially since there have been so many dead people to write about.

Ryan Dunn, Columbo and Brian Haw are all dead. Usually I couldn’t care less about celebrity deaths, but this week I was forced to care because all three actually hurt a little bit. Brian Haw was likely the biggest tragedy since he was the nicest chap, doing his thing in Parliament Square like an actual candle in the metaphorical wind – dealing with a great amount of shit throughout his ten years in residence. Then there was Ryan Dunn, or none now… A man most of our generation grew up with (and plagiarised by jumping out of moving cars and I suppose I can blame that kitchen fire on him too). At least he died as he lived; shrouded in drink-drive controversy and with a car up his arse. Finally, there was Peter Falk, who didn’t happen to see another thing coming this time, literally. It’s actually ridiculously dark what happened to Columbo and I really don’t mean to make light of it, even if his Wikipedia entry has me twisting my face:

At a two-day conservatorship trial in Los Angeles in June 2009, one of Falk’s personal physicians, Dr. Stephen Read, reported Falk rapidly slipped into dementia after a series of dental operations in 2007.[41] Dr. Read said it was unclear whether Falk’s condition had worsened as a result of anesthesia or some other reaction to the operations. He went on to add that Falk’s condition was so bad he could no longer remember the character of Columbo.

Dark, right? Who the fuck knew dementia could happen so fast and so quickly? It so shouldn’t be about thanking the Lord you’ve dodged brain melt every time you go for a bout of routine anesthesia at the dentist’s office. My gran has the same problems so after watching her waste away I can tell you that I want to be shot in the face once my food becomes ‘feed’ and before I forget who and what Columbo is.

Aside from a lot of very seminal deaths, there’s also been a tennis tournament which, you are right, is not hugely exciting. It’s worth mentioning purely for the lady emotions that get very much out of hand after roughly the second set, as well as the short skirts, which really buck the current trend towards ankle length clothing (it makes me sick too).

This week also saw the end of Rebecca Black [disclaimer: it may have been last week]. After a bitter dispute with her ‘label’ or ‘those people who wrote that shit’. Her youtube video, ‘Friday’, has been taken down, along with zillions of abusive, yet amazingly imaginative, comments ranging from death threats to child abuse and everything in between. I think there was a move to try and refer to it as ‘Black Friday’ (geddit?). But that was all in rather poor taste since Back Friday actually refers to the massacre of a group of protesters that lead to the complete acceptance of the Shah regime in Iran.

Nothing else particularly interesting has happened this week. We avoided a tube strike, which is nothing short of a miracle, and everyone got their Olympic tickets, suggesting that the Olympics will go ahead (again, nothing short of miraculous). Oh, and Greece broke the Euro and then they had a massive street party:

I’d suggest hitting mute and having this [loud] in the background:

It’s important to remember that these are the people who created democracy, which suggests that they are also the authority on holding authorities to account.

And then there was the internets…

The most moving video ever made?

The nom song:

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