London Comic Con MCMEXPO 25th May

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For the most part of the 21st MCM London Comic Con I was chasing down the best-dressed cosplayers with an incentive mission to catch photos of the entire cast of Adventure Time and The Avengers. I was pretty happy about assembling Marvel’s Avengers 1×1, including an excellent Nick Fury, until a group turned up with every single cast member and it kinda felt like “uh, spoilers”.

The event attracted 64,000 visitors over the scorching May weekend and involved fun activities including checking out the latest videogames such as Lego Batman 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines and the ‘sexy’ Lollipop Chainsaw, amongst plenty of shopping including a giant sweet stand, an excellent cel animation store (Cel Base), what I assume were mousemats with boobs, and large pillows with illustrated nudes.

Trending outfits included Finn (Adventure Time), Misty (Pokemon), The Riddler, and Link, with an ever present amount of Jokers and Harley Quinns.

Outside was a fringe event, which for the few minutes I enjoyed featured prizes being given out for ‘best friendship’ and ‘who can get my attention the best’ #aw

For an hour of my day at MCMEXPO I attended an 800-seater VIP preview of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was hosted by comic artist Nick Roche (Transformers/Doctor Who) and featured Nickelodeon Senoir VP, Current Animation Rich Magallanes AND original TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman #bigtime #smashit

The new series, which débuts Autumn in 2012, has an innovative new 2D/CG animation style and brings in elements from throughout the franchise’s 30-year history. New details include Donatello sporting a cute-fashionable tooth-gap, Raphael will be the buffest of the gang, Jason Biggs (American Pie) is Leo’s voice actor. Mikey (or Michelangelo) looks to be the star of the property with scene-stealing comic dialogue, and you’ll be happy to know the emphasis on their love of pizza is back. So might be “Cowabunga!”, after an initial not-so-impressed (I cringed) reaction to the new catchphrase “Booyakasha” (maybe they’re trying to tap the early 2000s retro market, either way it seems a bad choice).

The only major downer during the #nickturtles panel was the revelation that Shredder’s mutant henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady won’t be making an appearance in the new show. The down-vibe however was calmed with the knowledge that Krang (you know, the squawking brain in android body from the original show) will be back in the form of The Kraaang, an alien race of brain-shaped uglies in android bodies who call each other Krang, apparently this is pretty close to the original comic source material. The Kraaang will be major protagonists working alongside Shredder and The Foot Clan whilst experimenting with the mutagen ooze which caused the turtles’ transformation. So expect to see a slew of new and returning mutant friends and foe, which include the already confirmed killer croc with southern drawl Leatherhead who will be looking to make turtle soup out of our green friends while other experiments will probably give the turtles new friends to hang out with, order pizza, and kick some shell. You know, what turtles do.

It was hinted that the knucklehead villain duo might show up in the upcoming Michael Bay movie where the Turtles are aliens – a militant rhino and a punk hog, it sounds Bay to me. In the current climate where the Thundercats re-launch has tanked, it remains to be seen whether the new product can replicate the original Turtlemania but I am confident it looks to be a bright, fun, new series and I’ll have no shame writing ‘sewer lair’ on an upcoming festive gift request.

EXPO returns to London alongside Memorabilia on the weekend October 26-28th.

Ben Loom

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