I’d Rather Watch TV with the Democrats.

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For some reason (I have literally no idea why) someone decided to poll a bunch of American politicians to find out what their favourite TV shows were, and surprise surprise, the democrats have the better taste.

Being highly un-wordly I assumed that the democrat’s number one program of choice was an American adaptation of our nation’s prime student bait: Countdown, but it’s not. It’s a fairly liberal, unbiased look at the American news. Oh democrats, you’re so predictable, why couldn’t you have thrown in a curveball to get the world wondering…oh wait you have. Who would have thought that the world’s leading political party would rank ‘Kourtney & Khloe take Miami’ fourth in their votes? I can just imagine Joe Biden in the absolute throws of anticipation before every season; “OK, mojito? Check. Manny/Peddy kit? Check. Shrunken pug? Check. Foot bath? OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD….HONEY, WHERE’S MY FUCKING MEDITATIVE FOOT BATH?? KOURT & KHLO IS ABOUT TO START!!!” Other than that there’s not really anything else too surprising in there; they’ve got their stylish dramas, liberal sitcoms, and edgy serial killer shows down to a tee. My god I would love to watch an episode of 30 Rock with Obama.

‘I just can’t believe Scott would treat Kourtney like that”

As for you Republicans, where do I start? The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother AND Two and a Half Men? What. The. Fuck. These are the people keeping those shows on television. I think we can put all our prejudices aside for the unnecessary amount of lives lost in war, the inherent racism and homophobia ingrained in the party’s attitudes, and the pro-life, anti stem-cell research nut-jobs, because we now know who it is that’s funding Charlie Sheen’s coke habit. Come on Republicans, give the poor guy a chance – he was doing real well until the 8th season was green-lighted, and look at him now, back to his old ‘locking women in hotel bathroom’ ways. I hope you all feel ashamed. The only redeeming show in there is Modern Family, which is great, but even that always ends in some sickly all American, ‘we’re just such a happy diverse family’ moment.

I actually kind of see why someone bothered doing this poll now; I’d love to see what David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s favourite TV shows are. My guess is Bargain Hunt and Babestation respectively.

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  • Marcus Harris

    i reckon ed milliband’s favourite tv show would be the teenage mutant hero turtles…


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