Hyped up cinema of 2010 awards.

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I go watch films if they are by someone I like, or if it’s a wide spread “must see”. Though with all the hype this year, I should have taken a note from Flavor Flav.

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“As wildly visionary as it is smart.”


As the credits rolled I turned to my friend and told her “that was terrible,” before the crew cut chav in front turned around to add “yeah, that were shite, what the fuck were going on!?” I don’t think we had quite the same view. Visually it was pretty impressive, (nothing in comparison to most mainstream films today, Avatar still playing on the screen next door) – but smart? Sure, it’s a dream. If anything that is widely conceivable. I do not understand where this idea that a dream inside a dream, inside a dream, is so hard to understand? Once you’ve got the concept of a dream, it’s pretty straightforward. The only hard thing to understand is how they do it, which they conveniently seem to miss out; they just stick a needle in you, connect you to a box, and you’re all in. Xbox live style. Time will do the talking here.

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Clash of the Titans (2010)


“The epic returns.”


This is the worst film I have ever seen.

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The Book of Eli


“Spectacular… Tense, terrifying and terrific.”


With almost no hype at all I watched John Hillcoats The Road, which was as visually stunning as it was devastatingly bleak, demonstrating Hillcoats renowned talent in creating a perfectly fitting atmosphere – and in this end-of-the-world setting it is pretty suiting. But The Book of Eli; a man walking around with a Bible, killing people that are trying to steal it, and using it to control the masses (because that is totally controversial) trying to create this same bleak, desolate, end-of-the-world image, plagued in with a love story, some ridiculous fight scenes, loads of guns, an evil bad guy, and probably the worst twist going (not that the book is the Bible, as that’s hardly a twist…but that he’s blind, and it’s a brail Bible that he’s memorized) is a typical, terrible and tedious, mainstream, ‘try-to-be-controversial-and-edgy’ waste of time. If it was just a cheesy, 80sesque fight against all odds, shoot loads of guns, and get the girl while reeling off endless classic quotes – which it should be – it could be great. But as a deep and meaningful tale, it fails miserably.

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Shutter Island


“A haunting thriller that will keep you guessing”


Scorsese and DiCaprio, should be pretty good you think – but it isn’t. As it’s Scorsese there is already a level of expectation; it’s shot alright – not his best, but not terrible – however it seems since The Sixth Sense and Fight Club there has been an unrelenting search for ‘the uncanny twist’. Sadly most films since these original and brilliant plot twisters have had huge twist let-downs, and with a film reliant on this effect – a constant build up to this turn of events that has been expected for the past hour in fact – it is a massive comedown.

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Harry Potter


“The best Harry Potter yet”


Now, I haven’t seen all the others – maybe only the first two, but if this is the best of them all, I’m glad. Having seemingly huge chunks missing from the book, with people appearing and leaving every five minutes; then darting all over the world, when there is still time to have the most eye squintingly cringy dance scene in a silent magical tent, and stretching it out into two agonizing parts. This has in no way left me waiting in anticipation for part two, unlike like my continuing wait for Lost in Space 2, with Joey from Friends. Maybe I just didn’t get it, but nothing happened. It opened ok, and then drifted off into boring conversation and anti-climatic fight scenes. Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe is terrible, though I did like him in Sin City. Better weirdo than hero.

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