The Mast Brothers -The master chocolatiers of Brooklyn.

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At Mint we’re all about exceptional quality produce. So when we got the opportunity to chat to The Mast Brothers we were pretty excited. Rick & Michael Mast are Master Chocolatiers and brothers alike. They run their intimate chocolate factory straight out of Brooklyn, New York, keeping it all in the family. Their expertly made chocolates are born from fairly sourced cocoa beans, and ingredients like sea salt harvested from the Guerande paludiers, and Serrano peppers from the Dominican Republic. The results are some really awesome products.

Hey guys, how are you doing? Can you tell us a little about The Mast Brothers and what it is that makes your chocolate so special?

Our chocolate is made in-house, from scratch – or ‘bean to bar’ as we like to say. We source cacao from small family farms around the world, ship the beans here to Brooklyn, and craft chocolate in small batches. We are the first and only to make chocolate this way in New York and one of only a handful in the world.

It must be an incredibly long and complex process from start to finish, but could you possibly help us to understand a little about the creation of your chocolate, from finding the perfect cocoa beans to the wrapping of the final product?

Craft chocolate seeks to highlight the integrity of the ingredients by simplifying and reducing the processing. Like finding the most delicious apple, it starts with finding great people farming great land. We are lucky to have nurtured great relationships with farms in the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Venezuela and Brazil.

Our chocolate uses two ingredients; beans and sugar. We have chosen not to dumb down flavor by adding extra butters, oils, soy, emulsifiers or preservatives.

You have some incredibly interesting products and variations of your chocolate, can you introduce us to some of your products? What are your personal favourites?

Our friends over at Stumptown Coffee have provided us with amazing coffees to add to our chocolate. It is great to work with incredible roasters who happen to be amazing people.

All this talk of chocolate isn’t fairing well with me, where can I get hold of some of your products?

Primarily in the New York City area at your local market. You can check out our website to see our list of locations. Our factory’s tasting room is open on the weekends from noon to eight.

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