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Ravensbourne students Nathalie Finch and Patricia Williams are breathing new life into snooze-worthy recycled fashion with their eyewear brand Termite.

The wooden sunshades provided an opportunity for the pair to break away from the sewing machine. It was a case of learning on the job as they experimented with various woods before deciding upon a birch ply, which they then laser-cut into this season’s half-frame and full-frame styles.

It was important that the product should be responsibly sourced, which led to the discovery of a company supplying reclaimed and recycled wood. As Nathalie tells me “We wanted to make a point with Termite – that fashion could still be fun and exciting even when carrying the recycled aspect”.

Frames are fully customisable, available in a choice of finishes and lens colours, as well as either of the frame styles.

Liz Berry

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