Style Icon: Ikea Jacket Monkey

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Audrey Hepburn? Brigitte Bardot? James Dean? Get fucked. There’s a new style icon on the horizon, and that’s Ikea Jacket Monkey.

Throughout history, there have been some figures that have inspired generations of sartorial imitation and re-appropriation – those that have a sense of style so innate it has transcended time to become a cultural point of reference. James Dean’s leather jacket, Audrey Hepburn’s cat eye sunglasses, Brigitte Bardot’s backcombed beehive – and now – Ikea Jacket Monkey’s sheepskin jacket.

Curious about how you can pull off Ikea Jacket Monkey’s seemingly inimitable, effortlessly suave look? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a selection of jackets to suit every budget.


Rokit, £115

Gloverall @ ASOS, £265

Acne, £1300.


Topman, £125

Neighbourhood @ Mr Porter, £410.

The hysteria is just starting to set in. People are even starting to get tattoos of this unwitting Canadian fashion god. I suggest you invest in a jacket quickly before it becomes cliche.


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