Style Film: ‘Beyond Mountains More Mountains’ by Canada

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‘Beyond Mountains More Mountains’ is a stunning short epic by Catalan directorial trio Canada. The film is produced by Vice in collaboration with Italian fashion label 55DSL whose campaign ‘Kids in Italia’ calls for artists to express their creative take on the brand’s proud Italian heritage.

Barcelona-based collective Canada (Nicolás Méndez, Lopez Serrano and Luis Servero) have taken their unique nostalgic vision on the roads of Italy, following the wonderfully romantic journey of a young couple through the whole country.

Immaculately styled and beautifully photographed, the film reminds me of a rummage through old memories, where surroundings and dialogue snap together like tiny copper buttons. Regardless of its easy take on fashion and nostalgic colour-grading, it has nothing pretentious, exaggerated or hipstery about it; it doesn’t pretend to be much more than the story of a shallow yet beautiful encounter of a young couple in a gorgeous, old and curious Italy. With its breath-taking soundtrack, the work of Riziero Ortolani, it elegantly brings love back into fashion, reviving the ultimate cool of strolling the street at midday in a little black dress. The way it really should be.

55DSL present Beyond Mountains, More Mountains a film by CANADA from 55DSL on Vimeo.

Dobrina Manolova

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