Mike Tyson is a delicate flower at a T-Shirt party.

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What started initially as an invisible collective, a whisper on facebook and various blogs, the t-shirt party has quickly become the hyped London brand of twenty-ten. Of course, with such decisively British designs it was never going to be long before this elusive collection exploded into the populous: every tee features a slogan flawlessly combined with the photo/illustration/design of the week. Each time managing impeccably to capture the mindset of their followers (just witness their ode to Malcom McLaren, released a week after his death.)

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The way in which this brand has been executed gives the impression that they are intending more for a collection of ideas than straight-up traditional fashion marketing. In their eyes, the tee is a canvas, where each design is represented through a video, as to give the wearer an opportunity to see the inspiration and  development  behind the tee. I have heard rumours that these tee’s will only be produced for one year. That’ll be 52 tee-shirts, one a week, defining and identifying the very essence of London style.

What makes this collection so beautiful though, is the collective patriotism that every tee seems to encapsulate. It is easy to see why this brand has gained such a following so quickly – not only do they represent the spirit of London but they have mirrored the core identity of the city itself: the confidence, the diversity, the urge to always be wearing that ‘new’ item – these are the very elements of both London and now the t-shirt party that I have quickly come to adore. If you’re thinking of buying a plain white tee from k-mart STOP, take a minute to witness the website for yourself, I whole-heartedly promise that you will not be disappointed!”

words Jessica Arber


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