Introducing – Camera Fund Clothing.

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Hollie Fernando & Mikey Scanlan are a couple based in London and Southsea. Hollie’s photography work has been featured here on Mint on more than one occasion and we love her 35mm film style. So when we heard about their all new clothing brand project, we were keen to find out more. Introducing: Camera Fund Clothing.

What’s up Hollie and Mikey, how’s it going today?

Hi Mint, very well thank you. We received our new exciting tees yesterday morning and have spent today planning the tie dye designs for you all. Getting our hands dirty all day in time for the release this week.

Awesome, we’re really looking forward to seeing these shirts. Can you tell us about the other products you guys are making?

Well, we have two different designs for our new screen printed tees which we are most excited about, these are going to be available in various summery tie dye designs. Our pocket tees with crazy fabrics will still be available throughout this summer’s release; we will also be offering vests. We also have a selection of new tops and bottoms and little bits and pieces on the side. But basically we do everything by hand. We use dye, bleach and materials to make our products in our own ways, we love how every item is different.

How did Camera Fund begin? What’s the idea?

We’ve always made our own clothes; we had ideas that you couldn’t buy in the shops and decided to go ahead and create them. Our friends would ask for us to make them all the time and it got to the point where we thought that maybe we could fill a hole in the market. Hollie, who is a photographer, is saving up for a Hassleblad camera (and has been for a while) and we thought this would be a great project to help with the funding. Once we started, however, we realised that it was much bigger than just a camera fund, but decided to stick with the name as it shows where we started.

Nice, yeah we’ve featured Hollies work on Mint on a couple of occasions, does she shoot all your promo work then?

Yes she does. Very ideal and it’s perfect as her style of work really fits with the products and the way she prefers 35mm works with the whole back to basics, hand-made aspect of the business.

What is the ultimate goal for the brand?

We would like to become renowned for our hand-made styles and techniques and maybe do some collaborations with brands that we love. Overall, we love making clothes that we want in our lives and making them available for you too.



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