An Idiot’s Intro to London Fashion Week

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Yet another LFW is on our doorstep, February 18th to the 23nd to be exact [the 23rd is . So I thought it a swell idea to get down to the knitty gritty of it; who, what, why, where and when? A bit of a go to guide for the fashion weary, yet intrigued. Don’t get me wrong, it is filled with the elite of the world’s most renowned figures in the industry, dressed ever so immaculately that it makes your heart ache. But what strikes me the most about LFW in comparison to the others is the sense of uniqueness it evokes, individual style is everywhere and so so inspiring. I’d tell thee to head down just to witness the extravagant play dress up, even if you can’t get in to any shows.

So. The facts:

  • The first LFWeekend was in 1984 commencing with the greats such as Galliano and Betty Jackson (See pics below)
  • The main organiser is the British Fashion Council
  • It is funded by many big brands, including Canon, Toni & Guy and Topshop
  • To showcase new talent and more up and coming designers there are separately funded events held close by – On/Off and Vauxhall Fashion Scout
  • It attracts over 5,000 journalists, buyers and industry professionals all wanting a slice of the LFW pie
  • It even aids our economy, inputting around £20m
  • And it generates over £100m worth of orders – happy designers!

Alessandra Ambrosio’s bum.

So. Why exactly is it such a fundamental part of British (London) culture?

Aside from showcasing the extreme talent that the UK beholds (we’re talking Westwood, Deacon, Kirchhoff, Fast), it also nurtures new, fresh, innovative flairs with NewGen, “one of the world’s most internationally recognised talent identification schemes.” (BFC). It allows for the unrecognised to gain the exposure they need, and to become something life-size; something real. Alongside NewGen, there are various other initiatives such as BFC/Vogue Designer who sponsor the winning designers allowing them to expand and grow their businesses and also promotional schemes for collaborations with stylists/filmmakers/musicians all aiding in the steady progression of their businesses to nothing less than empires. On potentially winning the award, (which he did) Erdem said “It would mean a lot and take it to the next level and enable us to grow. Everything from hiring more staff and having more space in the studio to the logistics of having more equipment. It would be an amazing opportunity.” (LFW TV).

But don’t be misled into thinking it’s all glitz and glamour. These designers work damn hard, trust me I’ve interned for one. Never ever again.

So how do you get in I hear you ask?

You don’t. Unless you find someone’s press badge, pretend to be some fabulous dresser’s assistant or lie, and lie hard. No I haven’t done any of the above, no. However, if you’re unwilling to go to the extremes, admission to the grounds is open to the public and you can at least experience the superbly dressed and electrifying vibe that is the epic London Fashion Week.

Naked models at Charlie Le Mindu.

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