Route One Free Skate Day with DC: Vote for your Favourite Park

Route One hosted their third R1 Free Skate Day in six indoor skateparks across the UK. A video edit was made of each event. Vote for your favourite and that park will win £1,000.

Skate: Un Momento with Ryan Reyes

Ryan Reyes for Creature Skateboards and Independent Trucks. Watch Ryan pull off wallies that you could never dream of managing. Fucking with physics type shit. All to the rad sounds of “Fighter pilot” by the awesome Guided by Voices.

Skate: A Day with Josiah Gatlyn & Friends.

The title sums it up pretty well strangely enough. Basically it’s Josiah Gatlyn of the Usko Collective and his mates skating around one day. They start off in Huntington Beach before moving on to Corona and Mesa park.

Skate: Tom Youell Anti Scooter Awareness.

Fuck those kids and fuck their scooters.

Skate: BAP & ROGER

Mike Battista and Roger Krebs riding in Chicago and Cleveland for Snack skateboards. Soundtracked by Path Of Destruction from the mighty Wu Tang Clan’s GZA’s album ‘Pro Tools’.

Skate: Simie – Sheniqua

Simie filmed times with Chris Weir, Tom Shimmin, Pete Copeland and Ross McSherry. The old school hip hop vibe of the Necro track sitting right at home with the action. Not sure what park this was in I’m afraid.

An Interview with Martin ‘Socks’ Maguire and Ryan Hollingsworth of Moshdog

Bedroom DIY shred heads Moshdog are leveling up right now. Not only have they launched a spanking new line of wheels but they have snapped up a new team rider to boot. So we chatted to newest recruit Scottish Concrete Slayer 2012 Martin ‘Socks’ Maguire and co-founder Ryan Hollingsworth.

Skate: Rollaball

Over on crowdfunding website Kicktarter right now is a documentary about skateboarding……………….. “Blah blah blah skateboarding saved my life maaaaaaannnnn”…. WAIT! This shit is serious. This is a documentary about Ghanaian polio survivors who strap flip flops on their hands and tie themselves onto makeshift skateboards to play hard hitting sketchy as fuck skate-football in their local empty car parks. During the week these guys weave in and out of cars begging for change but on Sundays they don their colours and make the Premier League look Premier Lame. Time is almost up for this Kickstarter so if you could do without a few beers maybe slide some cash their way before its too late. From the trailer it looks like this could end up as a really great doc and get these bad boys some well-deserved exposure.

Skate: Austyn Gillette – QUIK

Shot solely from moving vehicle on the streets of LA QUIK gives a completely different perspective on skating than the typical skate part.

Skate: DC’s What We Are – Maxime Genin Part

Latest episode of “DC’s What We Are” with Maxime Genin, filmed and edited by Yves Fraweel for DC Shoes France. Maxime finished runner up in the Vans Concrete last week.



Get Back Guinozzi!

I don't know what it is about French music that's so effortlessly sexy, maybe the accent? As in "I fucked her, it was wild" (Teenagers) but Get Back Guinozzi, a…


UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Suavity’s Mouthpiece.

Suavity's Mouthpiece are a two piece, Pittsburgh-based post-punk/experimental outfit. Their songs are fucking crazy.


Skull Gang Foraging Club: Crawfish

This week the skull gang go foraging for Crayfish. I suppose you would call that type of foraging fishing.