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PAWS ft. Alice Costelloe of Big Deal – Sore Tummy

Paws and Alice from Big Deal in a cardboard forest in this charming D.I.Y video

Video: Tubelord – This Is It

Tubelord are calling it a day. Their last ever show will be on New Years Eve at the Old Blue Last for the Pink Mist party. Ahead of that they’ve one last song as a farewell, the poignantly named “This Is It”. You can get it as a free download over at their soundcloud.

Video: Parakeet – Shonen Hearts

As I’ve mentioned before and as every bit of press Parakeet gets says, this band includes Yuck’s Mariko Doi and The History of Apple Pie’s James Thomas, at some point this will hopefully stop happening. Parakeet are great in their own right. This is the title track from their first EP which is out now digitally and available on a limited edition run of gold cassettes from November 19th. The video directed by Maria Cecilia is descirbed in the top youtube comment as “If the producers of Yo Gaba Gaba were on magic truffles this is what it would look like. ;0)”.


The first we saw of Azealia Banks was the black and white minimalist video for 212, we then saw things get a lot more elaborate and glossy when she worked with Rankin. With the video for Atlantis she takes on yet another direction. The work of FAFI it’s a tumblr like, edream gif overload type thing.

Video: My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward – Giant Shoe

My Panda Shall Fly and Will Ward are releasing a collaborative EP on XVI on the 19th of November. Suren Seneviratne (MPSF) made this video for Giant Shoe himself using footage from It doesn’t feature a giant shoe, it does feature a lot of shots of rockets, satellites and space. Mesmerising.

Stream: Vanilla Hammer – Burning Sand

The third release from Patten’s label Kaleidoscope. If you’ve not heard of the label before it’s pretty unique. In his own words it’s a “series of one-off performed straight-to-tape cassettes. LIMITED DUBS. Each one a unique recording… no two tapes the same.

Video: Swim Deep – Orange County

Video for the B side to Birmingham’s Swim Deep’s latest single ‘Honey’. No expenses spared they guys shot it in a room at a Travelodge and then got visual artist Ranvir Bassi to stick some psychedelic effects over the top.

Skate: Un Momento with Ryan Reyes

Ryan Reyes for Creature Skateboards and Independent Trucks. Watch Ryan pull off wallies that you could never dream of managing. Fucking with physics type shit. All to the rad sounds of “Fighter pilot” by the awesome Guided by Voices.

Video: Ital – Boi

Daniel Martin-McCormick of Mi Ami in his techno guise as Ital. His second album under this name, “Dream On” came out earlier this year on Planet Mu which is where this track comes from. The video directed by Aurora Halal is made up of hazy rave tinted shots of Daniel cut with shots of Beyonce to go along with the use of her vocal sample.

Skate: A Day with Josiah Gatlyn & Friends.

The title sums it up pretty well strangely enough. Basically it’s Josiah Gatlyn of the Usko Collective and his mates skating around one day. They start off in Huntington Beach before moving on to Corona and Mesa park.



Skinning the Record Store Day ebay Resellers

This is a shout out to all those who go to Record Store Day, buy everything up and then chuck it all on ebay at a massive profit. I hope…


Skull Gang Foraging Club: Storming Castles

The Skull Gang love castles, but what they don’t like is paying twenty quid to get into one. So they stormed one in Kent.


Festival survival guide.

Festival season is again upon us. Avoid looking like a total dick, by trying to look cool in a fur hat (it's the middle of June for fuck's sake) and…