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Editor/Music Editor of Mint Magazine. I also DJ at and run a club called White Heat. I can usually be found glued to my computer and/or shouting at inanimate things. I have been seriously electrocuted at least twice. Email: Follow @entitledtodance

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Eets: Brown Ale Braised Venison Shoulder with Black Pudding Hash Browns

Brown Ale Braised Venison Shoulder with Black Pudding Hash Browns, Honey Parsnips, Blackened Pepper Salsa and Beetroot Crisps to warm your January woe.

Odd Future’s Lucas Vercetti On Immigration

Scion AV and Vice have spent the end of 2012 releasing an eight-part documentary series which examines Young Americans, their thoughts on the last year and modern American life in more general terms. Today, Immigration

Video: Hooray For Earth – Never / Figure

Never/Figure was the result of Heroux revisiting the studio earlier this year and riffing on the ideas he explored in True Loves, beautifully realised in warm sounds, dream pop harmonies and now a seven-minute video that involves helicopters, explosions and physics.

Video: Deptford Goth – Union

Self-directed in anticipation of the release of his debut album on Merok next year, Deptford Goth is back and filling the void with his melancholic soundscapes.

First World Problems, Facebook

In the 21st century activists around the world rely on satellite phones, the internet, and especially social media to deliver their message. In the west, its primary purpose is butt-hurting your way towards free pizza.

Download: K-X-P – Melody

The acid drenched trio have unleashed the first cut to be taken from the album, the anthemic ‘Melody’ which encompasses the same driving basslines and motorik drums that we’ve come to love and respect them for.

Video: Stay+ – Crashed ft. Queenie

Stay+’s international rave anthem Crashed now comes equipped with glitchy new video.

Dumb Design Needs to be Clever

Lauren Bowker wants to see more designers, technologists and scientists making waves, intertwining disciplines and making dumb design clever.

DOWNLOAD: Sexbeat Mixtape

The lovely chaps over at Sexbeat have stuck up a six track mixtape with stuff from Eagulls, Virals, Fear of Men, Virginia Wing, White Fence and Sharm El Shakes and you can download all the tracks for 0$

Introducing: Moose Blood

Moose Blood feel like the last time you felt like you’d actually stumbled across something out of the blue.



The ‘Kigu’ Halloween Funeral March & Ghoulish Gala!

One Hell of a party! To celebrate Kigu's 1st Birthday, they threw the greatest Flying Squirrel get-together of all time. Following its success and due to the vast number of…


I’d Rather Watch TV with the Democrats.

For some reason (I have literally no idea why) someone decided to poll a bunch of American politicians to find out what their favourite TV shows were, and surprise surprise,…


Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is Owen Ashworth’s one-man, melancholic, occasionally downbeat, but beautiful music project. His autobiographical lyrics speak to and about anyone who’s ever loved or lost, that…