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"In 1992, Mark Hoppus Met Tom Delonge at a skate park. Tom instantly got hard at the thought of working with guys. Mark needed a band, and Tom agreed to form one with him if he did something to turn him on. Knowing that Tom was into BDSM, he deliberately broke both of his ankles to impress him. It did. So they got some random off the street and created blink 182." lul

Posts by Jamie Clifton:

The Style History of Visual Kei

For the uninitiated, Visual Kei is a Japanese music genre that blends together punk, glam metal, speed metal and potentially the most ridiculous clothing to ever be worn onstage.

Queues Are A Blast

People in the A$AP Rocky queue know how to dress.


If you live in London (or a train ride away), have an impeccable taste in music and prefer a club filled with inflatable flamingos, parrots, jungle snakes, cacti, palm trees and tropical fruit punch to one rammed with the usual

Photochat: Joseph William

We talk to Joseph William about his photography.

In the Studio with Ash Shakur (ART LIFE CENTRAL)

Ash is an Artist from South London who “gains inspiration from everything he sees”, working both digitally and physically but holding a preference for working with canvasses due to their practicality.

Skate & Snap: Dimitri Karakostas

We’ve known Dimitri for a while now. He shot those photos of the Canadian G20 protests for us a couple of years ago before rioting and protests were so, like, mainstream and lame, and we’ve been following his work since

Photochat: Levi Mandel

Levi Mandel will become immortal and never die.

America In Medium Format

Seeing as James went to middle-of-fucking-nowhere spots on his cross-country US trip, we thought we’d share his holiday snaps with you.

In the Studio with Coby Walsh

Coby Walsh is an illustrator with a NES and a cat.

Skate & Snap – Leigh Harrison

Skaters in Grimsby spend as much time smoking cigarettes as they do skating.



TV Party: Vous Les Femmes/Life’s too Short

Here’s a fun game and it’s only a teeny bit racist – grab a pen and paper… List ten words that you would use to describe The French.


Skate & Snap – Ed Schofield.

On his travels around the world Ed passed through New Zealand and hooked up with Ryan Willoughby for this photo selection of New Zealand's prime skate-spots.


Then & Now – The Spivs.

THEN GG Allin – Public Animal No.1 EP We love GG but this is the only record of his you really need to buy, it’s 5 early songs from when…