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Elizabeth takes photos of animals, but not in a cutesy youtube slideshow compilation of kittens way. She also takes photos of other stuff (which you can see for yourself below) and she told us a little bit about herself:

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I take my camera everywhere. I like taking photos of animals and people but often I’m exploring on my own and have to improvise. Taking photos happens alongside the rest of my life; I am studying drama in London as well as writing poetry, songs and watching a lot of films. One of my favourite things is Bears, I would love to see one in the wild one day, that would be swell. I’m constantly drawn to nature and open spaces so who knows how I ended up in London.

Giraffes are pretty weird if you think about it, but this was a beautiful day at the zoo.

This is my friend Sara in the woods near her house. Adventuring in the woods is how I intend to spend my summer, I do appreciate a good picnic.

I took this in a German car park where they had parking spaces next to the entrance so that women could get to their cars safely and nothing horrible would happen.

Why are supermarkets in the rest of Europe so much better?

This seagull was after some fish at the sea-lions’ feeding time.

My friend George was diggin’ the wonky light switch.

I like waiting until everyone else has left the cinema. Some people are very stubborn.

This ostrich was a bit of a poser.

photos Elizabeth Harris

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