Union youth for gold.

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Johannes’ been fucked up for the past few weeks. I asked him what he was doing while he was fucked up, but instead he told me what he’s been doing for the last couple of months, which is probably way more interesting.

The last few months I was working with a small team on our final bachelor project, which is a documentary film about the south east Anatolien dam projects. It’s mostly about people who suffered because of those projects, and a personal view of the people and their problems (resettlements, promises, lies etc). The film will be finished in around 2-3 months. I also made a small photo-project while we were filming – it’s not finished yet though, I’m still scanning.  So I’ve been focusing on my bachelor thesis and work, but also trying to keep on doing my photography work, especially the project Union Youth for Gold, which is a kind of diary and documentary about my friends, their life and so also mine. I´m planning to make my first small kind of book/zine of this series, hopefully it’s gonna be finished soon. So, as you can see, photography and video/film is my main working field. I love both medias and don’t see that big difference between each other (okay, one has 25 frames and sound, but all in all it´s a similar way of working). In both fields I’m working with documentary, and so it’s a way of collecting memories, but also binding them together to form a whole piece of artwork -so memory and critical questioning is still a big part of my work. Union youth seems to be a really simple work and perhaps it is, but on the other hand it´s a kind of memory for me, my friends, and hopefully also other people. Memories about places, similar actions, artificiality & realness, about music, punk and sadness.


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