Troy Ayala.

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Replacing body parts with geodes isn’t something you hear that often, unless you’re part of grave-robbing, geological rock obsessed cult. Troy is inspired by exactly that at the moment (in his art, not fo reals’) as well as finding inspiration in ‘creepy religious images,’ two inspirations from a list of influences so eclectic that they have to be listed:

“70’s and 80’s pop culture magazines (specifically advertisements), awkwardness, Art Chantry, Nick Gazin, Neckface, Aurel Schmidt, Manuel Manilla, Omar Pierce, mind altering substances, childhood, 1800’s engraving and illustration (even though it doesn’t show in my work), glue sticks, and the record store I worked at when I was a teenager.”¬†¬†Magazines and awkwardness are two more that strike a particular chord with Troy; “Uncomfortable advertisements are usually my jam. If any image strikes me as being weird or awkward then I’ll either rip it apart or draw my own version of it.” Most of his drawings happen after he finishes work at a grocery store, ringing up people’s food on the cash register, however he says “I get bored really easily with drawings so I usually have to burn through them pretty quick or else they’ll never see the light of day which is why most of my art lacks detail, but maybe I’ll find the patience soon.”

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