The Super Adventure Club: St Peter’s Mortuary

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The Super Adventure Club is a new feature at Mint Magazine where photographers Oliver MooreLewis Watts and Simon Hawkins document disused, derelict, hidden and other ‘off-limit’ structures. The aim is to view the world from other, often forbidden, perspectives.

St. Peter’s Hospital was initially built to house the casualties of the Second World War. The mortuary was built in the 1940s, but after much redevelopment it was decided that the site was too small to cope with the 21st Century’s increase in bodies. So, in April 2009 the mortuary closed and moved to the new building which is now central to the main hospital.

I first visited the morgue at about nine o’clock at night. It was a very dark and eerie experience walking around seeing everything only by torch light, discovering the body fridges and autopsy tables, coming across labels on fridges such as ‘Babies only’. Most body fridges had the trays still intact and although the place was quite trashed it was still very clear that we were in what was recently a fully functioning morgue and the creepiness never left. There was an old chapel with nothing but the stained glass windows and some fake flowers left. Somehow we managed to spend about 2 hours there before we packed up and left. I returned again a couple of days later, during the day time, to get some clearer footage. Even though I knew what to expect the place was still shrouded with the same dank and morbid feel it had in the evening, if anything it was creepier because it was clearer in the light of day.

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Lewis Watts

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