Tatjana Radičević.

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Tatjana is a beautiful young photographer with a cool name, this is what she had to say for herself:

“I was thinking what to say about myself, and the more I was thinking the less it made sense. I started taking photos because I had nothing smarter to do, but besides killing boredom it turned out to be something I thoroughly enjoy. I mainly take photos of people I know very well and things that move me. Whilst I was writing this I talked to my brother who told me that my photos of him make him see a different side of himself, one that he isn’t aware of. I guess that’s why photography is so important to me, the way photos make it easier to say to people how you see and feel them, and the way you perceive the world.”

This was taken at a vulture feeding ground and those are remains of their meals. That was the nastiest smell I ever felt and it almost made me vomit, but I couldn’t leave that place without taking photo, despite people being completely disgusted by it.

This one was taken on the river bank. It was one lazy day, my friend and I were talking about life and dreams, whilst taking photos until the sun came down.

Third one was captured in english countryside. That was my first vacation with my closest friend Nataša and the last one with my ex boyfriend. Nataša was having breathing problems, but she still had a cigarette in her hand.

This one was taken whilst three of us were hanging out, just before storm.

Another cold, gray autumn day, messing around with my new camera which became my favorite so far, Praktina FX.

I wanted to take some photos of my brother in my clothes, the final choice was my favorite jumper. It kind a looks better on him.

I took this one whilst my friends were changing their shoes, it was spontaneous moment in between shooting for our style blog.

This is another photo of my brother, it was taken early in the morning, and expression on his face is a result of not sleeping whole night and being fed up with me taking photos of him all the time.


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