Super Adventure Club: The Barking Gasometer

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The Super Adventure Club is a new feature at Mint Magazine where photographers Oliver MooreLewis Wattsand Simon Hawkins document disused, derelict, hidden and other ‘off-limit’ structures. The aim is to view the world from other, often forbidden, perspectives.

It was a cold May night, and me and a few mates decided to go and check out a disused  gasometer located in Barking, right next to the Leigh Road sports ground on the North Circular. After agreeing a time and place to meet, we pulled up, sorted our gear, and headed towards the derelict site.

It was ridiculously easy to get in, and up. Jumped over a few fences, and climbed the three long ladders to the top. This was when I realised that having such a big tripod on your back was a bad idea. Catching on every other rung climbing up the ladders wasn’t the best feeling, but I soon made it to the top and on to the tiny platform.

At the top on the small platform, we chilled, took some shots, caught our breath back, admired the skyline and finally climbed down the ladders back to safety, walked out the gate, which we could opened from the inside, and that was that.

More photography from the Super Adventure Club here.

Simon Hawkins

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