Super Adventure Club: The Abandoned Millennium Mills Flour Factory

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The Super Adventure Club is a new feature at Mint Magazine where photographers Oliver Moore, Lewis Watts and Simon Hawkins document disused, derelict, hidden and other ‘off-limit’ structures. The aim is to view the world from other, often forbidden, perspectives.

We took a visit to The Millennium Mills flour factory in West Silvertown, east London, on the south side of the royal Victoria docks, opposite the Excel Centre. Back in the day the Spillers Millnnium Mill was the captial’s largest flour mill and was built in the late 1800s when four millers known as William Vernon and Sons, dominated the flour game and created world fame with their ‘millennium’ flour. 

It was an early start of 5am and security around the perimeter area was militant, with 24 hour patrols in a white transit van. Once we’d crawled, climbed, ran and hid we were in. That morning there was an unholy amount of fog, which worked in our favour and amplified the eery atmosphere. Browsing the factory took hours, with every room there was yet more machinery than the eye could handle.

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