Stefany Alves – Self Portraits.

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Nineteen year old photography student Stefany Alves is a blogger and a white coffee addict. She enjoys taking self portraits using  self timer, a tripod, and…a camera, duh. Her shots are peaceful, simple and very cute to look at. We asked Stefany to peep show some of her self portraits our way for your viewing.

‘I take photographs for self satisfaction, mainly because I feel good capturing moments of my life that will never come back. I take most of my pictures with three different cameras a digital pentax k100d super a analogue vivitar v3000 and AF minolta panorama zoom 28-70mm. In terms of film I usually use 35mm fuji film. The ISO varies from 200 -400. I get then developed at snappy snaps or any other photo developing store. I am influenced by so many things such as music, contemporary photographers, films etc. My favourite photographers are Andre Kertesz and Anna Fox. I also get inspired by flickr users and bloggers.’

‘I think every single photograph must be edited in order to look good, of course some more than others. I tend to edit my film pictures a bit less than digital ones, once film already give the tones and textures I like in a picture. When I shoot digital I edit the brightness of the photos and I usually add grain effects, I also change colour curves. I scan most of my film photos. Unfortunately sometimes my scanner decreases the quality of the prints.’

‘My photographs are a reflection of my mood, so I think they convey whatever my mood is in the moment I capture the photos. It is pretty much a photographic journal of my life which I share with people. It’s like letting my personal moments expliciting on a website.’

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