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Recently we were invited along to check out Static Non Static. STATIC NON STATIC is an inter-disciplinary and unique event. The collaborative exhibition consists of five participants from three art institutions including Byam Shaw School of Art, Goldsmiths and the University of Gloucestershire. It was pretty interesting!


Jean-Philippe Dordolo is concerned with transforming sculptures into props. Whereas Marco Lopez is interested in structural forms that act as a catalyst for social interactions. Combined, these transitions generate performative elements in the sculpture, whilst creating a physical and visual impact on the viewer and the surrounding gallery space. Felicity Hammond presents Unheimlich, a series of photographic works that explore the tension between the inanimate and the animate being. We may use inanimate objects to fill a void in our lives by projecting human qualities onto them. Although we are able to control these inanimate beings, our own lives remain impermanent and unpredictable. Jack Hems constructs analogue photographs of urban scenes at night. The long exposures that are required incorporate time into still imagery. Using only the available artificial street light, duration allows for subtle traces to mark the land- scapes. The photographs are an appreciation of a view, something only the camera can create. Daniel Slater’s work, predominately print and photography, attempts to study the nature of serendipity and materiality through the motivation of observation and journey. It situates a point of ambiguity; stationary objects become malleable and the ordered leave the viewer faced with an abstraction of the familiar.

All together the show was pretty interesting! Alot to take in and try to understand. I liked that. Keep an eye out on Mint this summer for some more on the 5 artists.

Photos Ed Schofield


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