Ramell Ross.

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Hasselblad is rad, and Ramell takes all his photos with one of them. We had a chat with him and he told us a bit about himself and his work.

“My work and myself alike search for an identity. This manifests into the subject range of individual photographs and range of concepts and topics of my series. Much of my work has a philosophical weight, that may, at the same time or not, lean towards the sociological. Some of my work has a diction. And some a narrative. It’s not (non) fiction. I’ve sought peacefulness while taking some photographs and then responded to an urge producing an awkward eloquence for the next. It’s hard to articulate my inspiration when it is everything; from the gesture of a person’s yawn to the vocals of a car’s tail pipes. For me, everything parallels to everything. Ideas are instinctual. They, along with concepts, drive my work.

I graduated from Georgetown University with majors in English and Sociology and a minor in Art. I can see myself creating until I stop. That may change though. The future may harbor grad school for fine art photography. Maybe not. I am poor. I donate plasma for film. I am probably hungry right now. I shoot with a Hasselbald. The list of my broken equipment includes my 80mm lens, my tripod, one Hasselblad back, my external flash, a lens for Nikon and a couple of umbrella stands.”

Thinking back, I remember exactly how it went: I courted photography from 2005-2007, read all about her in 2008, then fell in love.


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  • Jo Jouet

    Awesome pictures.

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