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PUN FRYDAZE is a new feature here at Mint, every friday a team of two illustrators, Thomas Slater and Joseph Prince, are contributing a visual pun and it is up to you, the mint readers, to get the comments popping and try to guess the phrase which will be revealed the following week! There will be prizes, maybe a CD, maybe a t-shirt, maybe a print, maybe some tickets to a show, we’ll see what we have floating about at the time!

Answers in the comment section!
Good luck:

CLUE: “hermetically sealed”
Last weeks answer was MARS BAR


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  • damien hurts

    peanut crack?
    what that doesnt mean anything


    peanut brittle surely?

  • smack head

  • crack head

  • nutcase

  • ooor cracked case

  • t slates

    good guesses! not good enough though,

    when you get it it will seem so obvious!

  • Tough nut

    hard nut?

  • cop it in the nuts?

  • can i guess again? Peanut Butter?

  • guess as much as you want…

  • Will

    airtight case

  • glyn

    Bleeding nutcase.


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