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Meet Kristie Webster, aka PONY ANARCHY. 18.5 years old, 2nd year Visual Arts/Photo Media/Illustration student at The Australian Academy of Design in Melbourne, Australia. She has a thing for hairy girls, I can just tell.I’m pretty easy going, happy and ridiculously in love with bunnies. I moved from a little town in New South Wales, called Wagga Wagga to Melbourne, Victoria last year for uni. I was never taught the ‘correct’ way to take photographs. My grandfather was a professional photographer but unfortunately he passed away before I was old enough to appreciate photography. I didn’t take photography classes in high school, but I was always jealous of my friends who did. I don’t regret that choice though, I like the fact I taught myself. I don’t take photos the way I would have been told too, I take them the way I want. I haven’t started my Photo Media classes at uni yet, so it’ll be interesting when I do.

I shoot with a Canon EOS 500D, and have recently been lucky enough to get my hands on an Olympus OM10. I’m not too fussed on overly edited and manipulated photography so I try to keep my own editing to a minimum. I’m also really into illustration. A lot of my friends and peers say my photos and illustrations go hand in hand. The two are clear projections of my own personality and style. I like that. I generally take photographs of everything around me; friends, strangers, objects, places etc. I like to see the beauty in every thing and everyone, it’s the simple things that are the most inspiring.A few things I’m inspired by are…. 1940’s fashion, animals, music, teapots, people’s facial expressions, light, books, documentaries, dreams, other artists, lady gaga, my family/friends, pastel colours, melbourne (reason i moved here).For the moment I’m into natural photography. For me it’s not about spending lots of time developing an idea and making models do what I want, it’s more like documenting my life and the people/places that come along with it. Every person I meet and every place I visit have their own little story. That’s really what I want to convey in my work.

I’ve always been a blogger. So naturally I try to promote my work on my blog www.ponyanarchy.blogspot.com/ and also on my flickr. The internet has become such a powerful and useful tool for artists. But it’s hard sometimes because there are a lot of individuals (these people are called ‘hipsters’.) who like to post other people’s images onto photo sharing sites without the proper credit. Sure, that’s okay when you’re famous and everyone knows it’s your work, but when you’re a nameless aspiring artist like myself you want people to know it’s yours, not someone else’s.The future involves finishing my degree, creating a shitload of work, hopefully making a name for myself and making a little money at the same time. Money’s always good, especially for buying goon.*

*Urban Dictionary describes Goon as, “Cheap wine. Often comes in a 4 Litre Cask for around $10 Australian dollars.”


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