Rhodri Brooks’ surreal age portraits.

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We featured Rhodri’s last collection of work a while back, and here’s his next lot; surreal portraits marking the space between kidulthood and adulthood. Maybe Bashy will soundtrack the project.

Rhodri explained it all a bit better; “What I’m going for with this latest work is, first of all, to take the piss out of portraiture and classic portraits. They’re hopefully meant to be funny at first glance, or at least just strange, odd and unusual. The reasoning behind the objects on the head is that the whole series is portraits of people around my age; late teens and early twenties, which is the age when you’re entering young adulthood – which can be horrible, the realization of all the responsibilities now facing you and the pressure to be this more responsible adult, leaving your childhood behind. So the formal style and the serious, earnest look on the faces of the people represent this new adulthood, where as the objects and the ridiculousness added to the portraits are a link to the silliness and fun of childhood. It’s the whole balancing act we’re facing at this age between childhood and adulthood.”


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