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Leonor is Nono (and Malaise in her musical form) and she takes photos of her days going to shows, playing music, seeing different cities and hanging out with great kids and cool animals. I wish I was in a band.

My name is Leonor Matos Correia, Nônô by nickname. Currently I’m finishing my major in English and German literature and splitting my time between my hometown, Lisboa and my soon-to-be home in Milano, where the new drummer of my band MALAISE is waiting for me. In 2009 I released a tour demo for the USA winter tour (called “Holy Shit!”), still under the previous name, “Can’t Sing For Shit”. A new tape will be released fall 2010 before trading the acoustic guitar for both an electric one and a full time drummer.

I picked up photography because a few years ago I came to the realization that I had no visual records of my life: either they were taken by other people and I never laid eyes on the photographs; or they got sucked into a void of all-but-breakable technology. Thus, decided to treat myself to a camera of my own and it was surprising to me that the results were so pleasing. Happened in the best of timings too, right when my life got even more interesting, moved around across the world and toured with my band. Now I am 23 and exactly three years have passed since that first camera and I’ve been learning by trial and error, gathering up a collection of new cameras and also filling up a bag of about 80 undeveloped film from random years that I absolutely cannot afford to get done anytime soon.

What I end up photographing is the documentation of moments of my day. You can easily tell what I do most of the time: go to shows, play music, enjoy different cities and just hang out a whole lot with great kids and cool animals.

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