Mr Triangle.

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Mr Triangle (otherwise known as Arnaud Aubry) is a young French artist whose scribblings reminded us of a hyperactive David Shrigley, which can’t be a bad thing. Inspired by trash & pop art, citing Neckface and Jackson Pollock as two huge inspirations, Aubry by his own admission, ‘knows that I’m very bad technically, but you don’t need to be good in it to be a good artist.’ Refreshing and honest to hear in a world full of art students taught how to network and sell their work. Until three years ago Aubry was so disheartened by the idea that he couldn’t draw that he simply didn’t, however since then Aubry has begun to find drawing compulsive, and uses his moleskine to jot down whatever comes to mind on his everyday routine.

“My mind is separated in to three parts: there is Mr. Moon, the classic romantic (in a literary sense), Mr Triangle (the fashion dandy) and the skull character (no name for him really), the debauched man.

“I like drawing after smoking hash. I used to smoke and write poetry but I’ve started smoking and drawing  – the drawings aren’t quite as successful as I’d hoped but they are quite representative of my feelings at the moment.

A lot of the pictures in my mind are horrible, a load of things; blood, drugs, sex. I’m a psychopath in a certain sense, you know? And schizophrenic. All my characters have a story, not written, but in my mind. They are part of me.

Arnaud Aubry.

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  • Axelle

    I love your drawings !!!

  • Quel playboy ce Arnaud !


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