Mint TV: ILOVEDUST and MEATliquor.

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Burgers. We all like burgers, veggies excluded, and if you’re in London and like a good eat, the chances are that you will have heard of the fantastic pop-up burger experience that is MEATeasy and the MEATwagon. In that case the chances are also fairly high that you will be well informed about one of London’s most hotly tipped burger venues, the one and only MEATliquor.

Opened late last year, MEATliquor is an American style diner situated below a multi-story car park and on top of a strip joint. Tucked away just off of Oxford Street, the sinister creation of co-owner and chef Yianni Papoutsis is filled to the brim with dark and twisted designs, illustrations, photos and paintings created by London and Southsea based design firm ILOVEDUST. Gnarling lumberjack bears give way to knife wielding pigs and zombie puppet girls, which move into African voodoo racing snails and tiny intricate tattoo designs, combined with crack dealers and dark creatures. Creating one of the most interesting, ‘head mushing’ visual experiences I have seen in a long time.

Here at Mint Magazine we were lucky enough to be invited by ILOVEDUST to document the design process, hard work and start to finish creation of the interior at MEATliquor. We spent a LONG whiskey fueled week in November with the ILOVEDUST design team to bring you this video, which we can now finally show to all you toe rags. Exclusive to Mint Magazine. Enjoy.

What’s up Yianni, how’s it going this week?

Getting ready for the summer festival season. It’s gonna be a wet one.

Can you give us a brief run down of how the transition between MEATeasy and MEATliquor came about?

We spent the six months in between MEATeasy and MEATliquor taking the MEATwagon around a load of muddy fields.

Mint TV & ILOVEDUST at Meatliquor. from Mint Magazine on Vimeo.

How do the days of the MEATwagon compare to having your feet settled in a permanent location?

We still run the MEATwagon. Not much has changed.

The art work from ILOVEDUST which literally cakes the walls in MEATliquor, leaves the mind feeling many different things. Sheer confusion mixes seamlessly with utter amusement and fascination. Where did the ideas for the features on the walls begin?


MEATliquor has received awesome reviews since its opening, how has the ride been so far?


What’s next?

I’ll have a large bourbon, please.




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