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Jeff’s bike just got stolen : ( BUT he goes to muay thai classes every week, so you know he’s gonna fuck the thief up. Maybe.

He’s a half Swiss, half Chinese photographer living in South East London, studying photography, freelancing, interviewing photographers and just taking photos for fun. Most of the photos here are are from the ‘fun’ bracket, so there’s stuff like people throwing up and self portraits after Jeff had shaved off his hair and eyebrows. He said that he felt really insecure about how boring his life is, so let’s show him some love with the like button ^^^.

This is a portrait of my brother throwing up in his toilet. We had just had drinks with our cousins for the first time and he wanted to make things really fun, so it was a great night of him being sick all over, pulling down his pants and pissing on the streets, falling in bushes, fountains, trying to steal alcohol etc etc. Standard.

Bryton is at Storm Models, we did a test in the studio the other day. I wanted to do really cool portraits with amazing headpieces but I didn’t know anyone who had any, so I made that one myself. Shot on expired polaroid film which, halfway through, decided to stick together and fuck up in my camera. That accidental light leak makes the picture though (for me).

H. is my amazing friend who is half English half American and grew up all around India and Asia with gypsy parents. We met in Hong Kong via my ex but only grew closer when she moved to London for a year. She wanted some portraits done to remember her ‘youthful body’ before her ‘tits started to sag’, but she was so nervous she had to have a glass of wine and a line prior to me coming over.

An accidental double exposure of a complex lady aka my mother. Testing out a new cheap medium format camera I purchased.

I’ve been wanting to photograph Nathaniel for a while and finally did when I was asked to shoot a portrait series for East Village Boys. He’s a young creative working with knitwear and has super cool style and hair, and an amazing flat which we shot in. Testing out the (then) new Mamiya RB67 that I just purchased.

Shot this portrait of Petra at our favourite diner in East London for part of my Uni project at the time which was exploring the boundaries between fashion and portraiture. I was really interested in how a lot of editorials, clothes that you can’t completely see are still credited, sometimes even if they’re not in the picture. This is one of the images in the ‘editorial’ I produced where in each image the clothes are obscured in some form.

Another portrait series for East Village Boys of the talented musician Russell (Dean Stone). I wanted to shoot it on the ‘beach’ in South Bank and we needed the tide to be down and for there to be not much light, so I think we met there at 5 in the morning after no sleep at all, set up our candles and props and started shooting. It was fucking freezing so props to Russell for sticking it out.

A self-portrait from a recent project at Uni on ‘Society’.  I was looking at Buddhism and how Monks shave their heads (and in Thailand their eyebrows too) so that they live life without vanity and pride and simply to live, not to pamper; the emancipation of anything sexual, etc. Also looking at the idea of first impressions and superficiality(?), I was wondering how far I could go to physically make myself look like a ‘freak’ or to look strange, to feel ugly and then present myself to the public. I was interested in the effect it would have on me. The final piece was a film recording of my hair and eyebrows being shaved off.

Don’t know what I like about this picture but there’s something that I do. A nice moment with some friends in my old flat that, on the outside looks quite innocent, but really was far from it.


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