Lewis Hyde.

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Understated, peaceful photos can be sometimes overshadowed by David LaChapelle style neon shit or any of the hoards of Terry Richardson wannabes putting boobs in front of a white background. Come on, he wasn’t even the first one to do it, and I’m totally jealous because his life looks sick. Lewis Hyde is a 19 year old photographer, born in Spain, living in France and wanting to study applied arts in Helsinki.

Lewis started out taking black & white photos on his mum’s olympus trip; “the pictures I obtained were totally lame, but made me understand what I wanted to achieve with photography. He said he’s inspired by forests, rooftops, pirates, native American shamanism and old electronic devices, but he also recently tasted speculoos cheesecake in Belgium, which made him a bit more sure of what the meaning of life was – so that actually sounds like the biggest influence.


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